Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

Flap Your Wings to Save the World

Posted by edro on January 12, 2008

Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches

We are identifying the initial conditions seeding the socioeconomic avalanches that could help save humanity from total extinction.

The window of opportunity is rapidly closing. In the worst case scenario, which could unfold by as early as 2012, about 20 percent of the world’s cities become unsustainable and begin to collapse. Massive waves of human migration from the affected areas create a domino effect that could cause the collapse of most of the remaining population centers. It may be too late to reverse the final outcome; however, we still have the option to change the worst case scenario!

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[Second draft posted Sept. 21, 2007; Last Updated Jan. 12, 2008]

1. The date “2012” is based on the dynamic model simulations analyzing the environmental  impact of excessive energy consumption. The CASF Committee and Members do NOT endorse Mayan Calendar or any New Age, ancient, or bible prophecies whatever.

2 Responses to “Flap Your Wings to Save the World”

  1. if the subject isnt about overpopulation not worth discussing. [Poor content! Text removed. Moderator.] we are in population overshoot and not one mention of it. there is no other subject! what dont you get?

  2. feww said

    [A reply to above comment: Submitted by MIRVA, CASF Committee Member. Moderator.]

    The committee members have identified Overshoot of Carrying Capacity (increased ecological footprint and “overpopulation” in “developed” countries) as a major cause of collapse. We also call for the world population to be stabilized at its current levels.

    The world is in a drastic overshoot of carrying capacity in energy, material, food, clean water, and many other resources. The major cause of this overshoot is the unsustainable lifestyles of the populations in developed countries; it can hardly be blamed on the entire world population. Half the world population live on less than two dollars per day! See below for a comparison:

    High income countries (GDP (PPP) per capita)
    Luxembourg: $87,400
    Norway: $47,098
    United States: $44,765
    Finland: $37,957
    Canada: 36,984

    Less Developed Countries
    Afghanistan: $700
    Malawi: $600
    D.R. of Congo: $700
    Brundi: $600
    Liberia: $19 (2007 estimate)

    Now compare the energy consumption for the same countries:
    High income countries (per capita energy delivered in watts)
    Luxembourg: 14,416W
    Norway: 14,670W
    United States: 11,383W
    Finland: 8,075W
    Canada: 14,582W

    Less Developed Countries:
    Afghanistan: 21W
    Malawi: 64W
    D.R. of Congo: 56W
    Brundi: 40W
    Liberia: 11W

    MIRVA, Committee Member, CASF

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