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Giga Trends

Posted by terres on March 28, 2008

Know Exactly Where You Are Heading

Without a complete change of direction in human activities, the economy and lifestyles, and based on the elite Zeitgeist, “World Spirit,” the available data and observed trends

  • History of civilization (past experience)
  • Current socioeconomic developments (present trends)
  • The exponential rate at which the dynamics of collapse are compounded (future events)

CASF Model, using seven “Giga Trends,” has produced the following forecast concerning the probability of incidence of each trend.

End Game Scenarios

  • The Champaign Club Scenario. Water, food, shelter, sanitation, education, health and energy continue to be available at increasingly higher prices to anyone who can afford it.
  • The Gaza Strip Scenario. Majority of humanity is caged like animals, and kept under permanent military curfew.
  • Involuntary Mass ‘Euthanasia’ Scenario. More than 90 percent of world population is annihilated by the world elite via conventional methods such as genocide by starvation, ethnic cleansing, disease and poverty, or using biological and chemical agents including exotic depopulation weapons.
  • A Sustainable Future Scenario. Humanity rapidly climbs the evolutionary ladder, reverses the exponential growth economy and opts for non-suicidal, sustainable lifestyles.
  • Extraterrestrial Doom Scenario. Life on Earth becomes extinct [in the next seven years] when a large extraterrestrial object (asteroid or bolide) strikes the planet.
  • Lifestyle Global War Scenario. A war fought to secure additional resources required for maintaining unsustainable lifestyles.
  • Large-scale Global Catastrophes. Sudden death (major species extinction) caused by multiple ‘natural’ factors (larges-scale volcanic eruptions, mega earthquakes, deadly pandemics . . .) or by ‘accidental’ factors (military scientists destroying the atmosphere, tests of superweapons backfiring, laboratory-made superbugs escaping . . . ).

giga-trend scenarios
End Game Scenarios [Revised] The probability of lifestyle global war breaking out (before a major ecosystems collapse occurs) is about twice higher than the combined probabilities of all other possible scenarios that may unfold in the near future.

27 Responses to “Giga Trends”

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  4. George Hayduke said

    The “involuntary mass death scenario,” currently second most likely of the scenarios, is actually a “depopulation conspiracy” scenario. I suppose we’re talking chemtrails, EMF weaponry, and manmade disease proliferation and spread. This scenario could be a shadow scenario, dovetailing with catastrophic global war.

    Or it could be a shadow scenario delivering tandem strikes to the species with staged economic collapse.

  5. feww said

    A reply by a CASF member:

    George – Involuntary Mass ‘Euthanasia’ is an extreme euphemism for genocide, democide, policide and mass murder. About quarter of a billion people [and counting] were committed to Involuntary Mass ‘Euthanasia’ in the last 75 years. As for the methods used (during that time frame and before)

    Mass starvation:

    – The Great Irish Famine
    – Famine in Russia, USSR and elsewhere

    Biological, chemical and radiological agents:
    – Spread of smallpox among Native Americans by Lord Jeffrey Amherst
    – TB genocide of native Indian and Inuit children in Canada
    – Use of biological agents by the Japan Imperial Army;
    – Agent Orange and Napalm in Vietnam;
    – DU and cluster bombs in Iraq

    Ethnic Cleansing:
    – Indian Massacres,
    – Trail of Tears
    – African Massacres (King Léopold’s Congo, genocide in Namibia and elsewhere)
    – Tasmanian aboriginal genocide, Stolen Generation
    – Maori genocide
    – Democide by the Soviet government
    – Democides by the Chinese government
    – Burundi genocide
    – Rwandan Genocide
    – Genocide of Iraqis
    And many other examples . . .

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  10. walter libby said

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  11. edro said

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  12. Walter L said

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  18. Gttsppl said

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    Hank, see comments policy!

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