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UN SecGen: Food crisis is now emergency

Posted by feww on April 18, 2008

UNITED NATIONS – A rapidly escalating global food crisis has reached emergency proportions and threatens to wipe out seven years of progress in the fight against poverty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Monday.

UN Ban Ki-moon: “[The international community needs] to take urgent and concerted action in order to avoid the larger political and security implications of this growing crisis”.

“The rapidly escalating crisis of food availability around the world has reached emergency proportions,” Ban said.

“The World Bank has estimated that the doubling of food prices over the last three years could push 100 million people in low income countries deeper into poverty [starvation?],” he said. Report

2 Responses to “UN SecGen: Food crisis is now emergency”

  1. Cascia said

    Can anything be done to prevent this? Here in the US my family is struggling to put food on our table. These are tough economic times.

  2. terres said

    Hi Casica – The economic times are tough because our exponential growth culture and the obsession with ‘lifestyle’ have shaped them that way. The rich have no difficulty putting food on their table!

    The best course of action for the people, at least in most places, is to establish local cooperatives, help each other out by growing and sharing as much of their own food as they can, and preparing for much tougher times ahead.

    Please see Initial Conditions, and feel free to stop by anytime.

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