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Nature’s Defense Mechanisms

Posted by edro on June 27, 2008

How Do Natural Events Form Nature’s Defense Mechanisms?

1. Extremity. They exceed the normal parameters creating significant differences in the events outcome.
2. Selective Targeting. This phenomenon could probably be explained as reflex action.
3. Change of Rhythms. Changes in the established cyles, patterns, tempo and behavioral modes of natural events may offset positive feedback systems.
4. Other Mechanisms.

Are Extreme Precipitation Events Nature’s Defense Mechanisms?

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40 Responses to “Nature’s Defense Mechanisms”

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  2. This American said

    Constant Intentional weather modification/seeding is now being witnessed world wide as a means of warfare and social engineering. Disrupting the water vapor in the upper atmosphere using particulate/aerosol spraying from planes as well as acting on the dispersals with various EM devices is now causing havoc with the earths natural systems.

  3. edro said

    This American said:

    Constant Intentional weather modification/seeding is now being witnessed world wide as a means of warfare and social engineering.

    What are the sources for your allegations? Do you have any evidence?

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  5. This American said

    Hi Edro, I’m not sure I can cram a lifetime of evidence gathering into a paragraph or two but if you are REALLY interested in Weather Modification there are many sites on the net that are tracking it. One good place to START might be “chemtrail central.” You can also read the scientific white papers like the Army’s “Owning The Weather by 2025” or white papers like “A climate change Manhatten project” or Ed Tellers “Global warming and Ice Ages” and his “A Giant Pair of Sunglasses for Planet Earth” (yes that’s a serious title that he wrote)

    But nothing can open eyes like simple observation, watching tanker planes come out like hornets and COMPLETELY satuarating the sky producing what Teller alluded to a “White Out” as well as viewing as many un-doctored satellite maps as one can. I don’t expect to convince anybody by my leads but I can say for sure that many mnay citizens who look into weather modification seriously will come away convinced 100%.

  6. edro said

    Hi This American, if you have “a lifetime of evidence gathering”, then you ought to have at least some notion concerning the following. In your opinion:
    1. Who are the main players in the “Weather War?”
    2. Which of the players are destroying the US weather system and with it millions of hectares of corn and soybean in Midwest, forests in the West and elsewhere?
    3. Which of the players are destroying the weather system in Australia, China, Japan, Philippines Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and indeed the rest of Asia, Middle East, the North and Southern Africa, South America, southern, eastern and northern Europe, especially Scandinavia …
    4. Why are the players using an indiscriminate system such as “using particulate/aerosol spraying from plane” as “means of warfare and social engineering,” as you previously suggested, instead of more systemic ways?
    5. What guarantees are in place that a protracted, random “exercise” like polluting the atmosphere would not create an unstoppable positive feedback system [similar to what GHG is now doing] ending in global catastrophe?

  7. This American said

    Well, as you’ve asked for my further opinion (hypothesis) let me provide it and elaborate as best as I can based on simply my own PERSONAL conclusions (which however, I think you might find are shared by many, even though obviously to different degrees across the spectrum)

    I would sum up your 5 questions in a blanket answer that goes somewhat like this:

    David Rockefeller (as you may already know) I think summed it up best in one of his reported speeches to CFR/TLC *leaders* that in this “New World Order” a supranational Union of Financiers, CEO’s, etc. would be the preferable method of world control/shaping for the future, displacing the *outdated* concept of “democracy”. While this is hardly a “new” concept, I believe it is at the heart of the “social engineering” efforts we are seeing such an increase in. And to make this simple the “elitists” have decided they are going to “downsize the herd” and in turn enrich themselves in this “Grand Downsizing” because the feel the planet’s direction is getting “out of control”, too many people, etc. (people are waking up)

    Their weapons of choice are “STEALTH WEAPONS” as this allows them plausible deniablility in hiding their efforts, while achieving their goals. These efforts include weather engineering, disease creation, financial destruction, anything that can be used to gain more control and shift power, means of production, etc. and resources OUT of the hands of private citizens into their own UNION of “crime families”.

    So what can we expect? Bee die-off, late killing frosts, drought, floods, bird flu, earthquakes, *crashing* economy, etc. etc. etc. on and on and on until they own or manage EVERYTHING. While obviously these things can happen as “natural” events, what we are seeing is this stealth technology hidden “in plain sight” cloaked to the unitiated under “Acts of god”.

    AS to who exactly is carrying out the “seeding” the Government Puppets and many high level (but not all )people in our military are part and parcel of these operations though their are many different levels of how much certain persons areallowed to know, and some of our own militray and scientists may indeed think they are “helping” solve “global warming” or some other CREATED Problem.

    That’s my 2 cents for now, regards.

  8. edro said

    This American — afraid, your reply isn’t convincing. You have made too many assumptions, and mixed up various hypotheses. Your reply does NOT stand up to any degree of scrutiny. To continue this as an intelligent discussion, please try answering my questions separately, if you can. Here are the questions, again, somewhat reworded:

    1. What countries or groups are fighting the “Weather War?”

    2. What countries or groups are responsible for destroying the US weather system, causing so much destruction, most of which could be irreversible?

    3. What countries or groups are destroying the weather system in Australia, China, Japan, Philippines Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Middle East, the North and Southern Africa, South America, southern, eastern and northern Europe, especially Scandinavia.

    4. Why are countries/ groups that have started the “Weather War” endanger themselves by “using particulate/aerosol spraying from a plane,” which is an uncertain and indiscriminate method [assuming that it works] as “means of warfare and social engineering,” as you previously suggested, instead of using more systemic ways? [Reminder: BushCo invaded Iraq based on a few lies!]

    5. What guarantees are in place that a protracted, random “exercise” like polluting the atmosphere would not create an unstoppable positive feedback system which would cause a global catastrophe, harming the “aggressors” as much as the “victims?”

  9. This American said

    Edro, sorry I don’t have ALL the answers (never claimed to), remember you asked for info “IN YOUR OPINION” and I provided my BEST GUESS *OPINION* based upon what information is available to ME, personally, simply MY conclusions. Again I simply advise researchers to do their OWN investigation, I have provided a few “seeds” but others will have to water and watch things grow, not my job to *convince* anyone of aything. I will say though too, like you may be, I was very very sceptical about large scale weather modification when I first heard about it and NOBODY was able to ‘convince’ me of it I had to read, learn, talk to people around the world, and simply the ONE thing that PROVED this to me was by observing the satellite maps and watching HUGE squadrons of planes fly around in O’s and X’s and doing U-turns etc. and WHITING OUT the sky HORIZON to HORIZON from their exhaust over theskies where I live (a very LOW air travel corridor usually). Simply WATCH, WATCH, WATCH the sky, it is the ONE thing that will convince you like nobody else can, personal observation.

    Your question such as “which countries are fighting the weather war” seems no more answerable than asking which countries are fighting the ‘economic war’ or the ‘political war’..etc. how could one ever know exactly which players are taking aim to undercut their rivals exactly and in which way. Also, my OPINION is that governments attack their OWN populations historically in order to help shape and move The Herd, this is what I BELIEVE is also happening now.

    One thing I get from some of your questions about an “unstoppable feedback system” is that you imply it would be a “bad” thing if Billions of citizens die off. While I agree, you seem to miss the point that the Money Changers would LOVE to see Billions sickened and die off, they could fleece the sick of trillions of $$$ and achieve their desire of a much smaller world population. The “agressors” will NEVER be harmed DIRECTLY by their own hand they have taken great pains to make sure their culling efforts are “on Target” for the “useless eaters”.

    Also if you are REALLY? interested (are you really) go to sites like chemtrail central,also read white papers like the Air Forces “Owning the Weather by 2025”, Tellers’ “Global Warming and Ice Ages” etc. etc. there is a WEALTH of scientific papers out there that can help bring one up to speed.

  10. This American said

    Edro, I know this site usually doesn’t like links but I’ll post this link here for you from the Ecologist magazine titled “Weather warfare” (delete it if you must) hopefully it might be a small start for those unfamiliar with this vitally needed to be understood topic. Weather “wars” (often on countries OWN populations by their own *leaders*)is very real. Can I *prove* it. Maybe not yet. Can YOU prove it to your OWN satisfaction. I think so. Regards


  11. edro said

    This American – Mr Chossudovsky’s story has too many inconsistencies to be even remotely plausible. It’s almost as credible as the claims of that woman who says she communicates with aliens via a ouija board!

    There are too many loose ends in the “Weather warfare” narrative: The plot, cause and effect, plot devices [ deus ex machina, Chekhov’s gun, MacGuffin, validity of “back-story,” value of “plot voucher,” “defamiliarization,” “deathtrap,” “quibble,” “lampshade hanging,” “pathos,” etc.,] logical fallacies [by the dozen,] technology and method [ability to deliver, ease of application, duration, relevance, suggested timeline, ignorance of alternative methods … ,] unintended consequences, end result… The narrative is the work of amateurs. [But we won’t give the game away and spoil the fun for everyone ;)]

    However, disinformation and psyops are and have always been used as invisible weapons by the governments.

    The plot is full of big holes, bigger even than the hole punched in the roof by a cement sack courtesy of Russian air force. See below:

    In Russia, sometimes it rains cement

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian air force planes dropped a 25-kg (55-lb) sack of cement on a suburban Moscow home last week while seeding clouds to prevent rain from spoiling a holiday, Russian media said on Tuesday.

    “A pack of cement used in creating … good weather in the capital region … failed to pulverize completely at high altitude and fell on the roof of a house, making a hole about 80-100 cm (2.5-3 ft),” police in Naro-Fominsk told agency RIA-Novosti.

    Ahead of major public holidays the Russian Air Force often dispatches up to 12 cargo planes carrying loads of silver iodide, liquid nitrogen and cement powder to seed clouds above Moscow and empty the skies of moisture.

    A spokesman for the Russian Air Force refused to comment.

    June 12 was Russia Day, a patriotic holiday celebrating the country’s independence after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

    Weather specialists said the cement’s failure to turn to powder was the first hiccup in 20 years.

    The homeowner was not injured, but refused an offer of 50,000 roubles ($2,100) from the air force, saying she would sue for damages and compensation for moral suffering, Interfax said. (Reuters)

    See also: How many are up there polluting our skies?

    The Money Changers have the deadliest weapon of mass destruction in the world: The ability to print fiat money!

    You may want to update yourself, if you are not already familiar with the following:
    – Occam’s razor [principle of parsimony]
    – Logical reasoning
    – Abductive validation

    Perhaps, enough is said about this!

  12. This American said

    Well I disagree, there is nothing “Ouija board” about weather modification, millions of us watch these seedings and whiteouts from plane exhaust almost daily, they are completely and EASILY visable in person and on the satellite maps where this “pollution” mess covers entire sections of the country under these man-made aerosol clouds.

    During these operations we can clearly see “regular” air traffic flying through leaving only quickly disapating vapor trails,(so we know planes CAN burn clean) even as the cloud seeding planes coat the sky with their huge spreading dirty exhaust plumes. Horizon to horizon. But whatever you want to think. My main purpose is simply to bear witness to what I see and know and plant a seed, and I have done that, with confidence the seeds will grow in their due time. So will millions of others.

    I’ll end this though and I’ll “update” myself as you suggest, if you in turn will agree to simply open your eyes and take the time to start looking up and watching, watching watching, you will see. (ps my children are even being taught weather modifcation in school, they brought their 7th grade science book home recently inside was a picture of a plane with the caption particle air on the side, shown spewing out one of these ‘dirty trails” to add carbon/sulfates? to the atmosphere for nuclei for cloud building and sun blocking. But whatever… regards

  13. feww said

    This American
    The Moderators try hard to avoid distractions. If you are really interested in vital issues that desperately need investigating, here’s a hot topic and a BIG, unanswered question:

    Judge dismisses case over 9/11 remains

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Monday dismissed a case brought by families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks who said the city denied proper burials by sending debris containing possible human remains to a garbage dump.

    The lawsuit, filed in 2005 by a group called WTC Families for a Proper Burial, sought to have the estimated 1.2 million to 1.8 million tons of rubble originally from the World Trade Center site transferred out of the Fresh Kills landfill located on New York’s borough of Staten Island. …

    About 1,100 out of the 2,749 people killed at the World Trade Center site perished without leaving a trace. Full bodies were recovered for only 292 victims and partial remains for 1,357, sometimes only a fragment of a bone, the ruling noted. [Emphasis added.]
    … More at http://www.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idUSN0744217620080708

  14. This American said

    [Comment edited by Moderator: FEWW]

  15. This American said

  16. feww said

    This American – You crossed the line! We don’t know exactly who you are, but have a fair idea whose game you are playing. Cease and desist!

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  18. The apathy of the people of this nation is astonishing, to say the least!! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!! Never was, never will be!!! Problem is WE THE PEOPLE, have left that job to someone else! And it is “MY” opinion of those who say, there is no problem– YOU’RE LAZY!! Any dumb ole country boy can see [even if you’re blind], WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM!!And the reason for the problem is the fact that “WE” have neglected our responsibility as citizens of this nation. We elect a few people from our state to represent us in Washington, and in state governments as well, and then we leave the rest to them!! ANY,do you hear me???? ANY elected official forfeits “HIS”or HER opinion! Their opinion, SHOULD BE—that of the people they serve!And it is our “DUTY”, to make sure it’s carried out! SO QUIT TURNING YOUR HEAD!!! AND SAYING THERE IS NO PROBLEM!! GET INVOLVED! It is my hope that you will publish what THIS AMERICAN SAYS!!

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  20. This American said

    [Edited by Moderator: FEWW]

  21. Ike West said

    A hot topic worth worrying about is not a tragedy that happened 7 years ago, but worrying about what is happening right now:

    [Your opening sentence above disqualified the rest of your comment. Edited by Moderator:FEWW]

    [Note to our readers: The rest of the message was copied from:
    Part 3: Yes, we are being sprayed, by Carole Pellatt – http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20080112.htm ]

  22. Ike West said

    [Message edited by Moderator:FEWW]

    See EDRO Editorial Policy!

  23. This American said

  24. edro said

    Editorial Policy
    Unsolicited Comments

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    2. However, they have no obligation to publish unsolicited comments.
    3. Comments may be edited or rejected.
    4. Moderators strongly discourage comments that are considered to be

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    If EDRO editorial policy is not to your liking, consider starting your own blog (try wordpress.com) and have your say, unedited!

    Good Luck!

  25. terres said

    Announcement: “Chemtrail conspiracy theory”

    Having discussed the validity of claims made by various individuals concerning the existence of “chemtrails,” defined in Wikipedia as “systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for undisclosed purposes [one of which is purported to be “climate wars,”] resulting in the appearance of alleged unusual contrails,” Moderators have unanimously concluded that the allegations are a HOAX.

    Further, in addition to the views expressed by our colleagues FEWW and EDRO, Moderators concur with the “skeptical response” as quoted in Wikimedia at the URL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail [Retrieved July 16, 2008] namely that

    – “… contrails normally exhibit a wide variation in appearance and that the descriptions and photographs of chemtrails are consistent with those of ordinary contrails.[Wikipedia ref # 13, 14] The changeover from turbojet to turbofan engines over the last twenty years have caused differences in the style and temperature of jet exhaust, resulting in a different appearance from what conspiracy theorists remember contrails “used to look like”. …

    – Depending on what the alleged purpose of the chemtrail spraying would be, spray released above 30,000 feet is likely to be dispersed in a highly unpredictable manner, due to high-altitude winds.[Wikipedia ref # 15]

    – Assuming drugging the population is the purpose, the people behind the conspiracy would breathe the same air the population breathes, so any harm inflicted on the population would also be inflicted on those perpetrating the conspiracy.

    – Official and governmental bodies have consistently denied the existence of such spraying.[Wikipedia ref #16,17]

    [Note: The official denials should only be considered when they are consistent with other evidence!]

    – To do this would require the cooperation and silence of a large number of low level employees of fuel/airline companies (either in the capacity of the contaminator or allowing the contamination to take place).

    – The Discovery Channel program “Best Evidence” tested commercial jet fuel during an episode entitled “Chemical Contrails” in 2007 and found no significant traces of aluminum or sulfur. [Wikipedia ref #18]

    This announcement does not constitute an invitation by Moderators to discuss “chemtrails.” In fact, any future comment submitted by ANYONE concerning the chemtrail HOAX would be edited out without further notice in accordance with EDRO Editorial Policy.

    Objective information concerning “chemtrails” is available at:

    Posted at the above Wikipedia page are a number of links to third-party websites where the chemtrail HOAX may be discussed.

    On Behalf of Moderators,

  26. This American said

    [Edited by Moderator: EDRO]

  27. socrates said

    My feeling is that with global warming and ozone holes, we are up the creek. There are inadvertent butterfly effects already emerging due to industrialisation.

    The problem is the status quo of pollution, or for this topic, atmospheric pollution. I think nature responds accordingly. Do any others agree that we need a complete overhaul of how the economy relates to energy use?

    How do people feel about the new “weather mitigation” bills? There is a lot of chatter about atmospheric science, hydrology, and weather modification. How do we ensure full disclosure and accountability for such decisions? For example, why are we to trust Gel Tech Solutions, who are in the business of beating down hurricanes?

    I feel our problems are so deep that we need to curtail NASA. We need a real peace in space. We need a green economy. If we ended war, think about all the money we’d have to do the right thing. Remember Jerry Brown? He said we could create jobs while saving the planet.

  28. feww said

    Reply submitted by a CASF Member

    Socrates – I wondered what Jerry Brown would say about Gel Tech Solutions! Based on what little they have revealed, their evidence of “success” is somewhat anecdotal. But that’s besides the point.

    Tinkering with whether modification technology [sic] is just about as smart a move as operating on a patient’s brain with rusty nails to cure her rheumatism. [Hope that’s descriptive enough!]

    Hurricanes are as essential to nature’s “housekeeping” system as blood circulation is to maintaining homeostasis.

    Nature does what it does best to maintain a livable planet. [See Nature Must Be Punished, Look at the Mess in California!] But she can’t be expected to save us from ourselves every time. If we build our dream cabin in the crater of an active volcano, in a forest prone to wildfires, or on a beach in the path of hurricanes and tsunamis …

    “If we ended war, think about all the money we’d have to do the right thing.”

    War is the economy! To end wars we need to change the economy. If a “large scale” future is still possible, and it is greatly doubted that it is, then we can only get there via a completely different route – not through the business-as-usual cul-de-sac!

    We must exit the Highway No. 6th [impending Great Extinction] park our vehicles behind, and walk up the country lane with our families and friends.

    As for NASA, don’t their top management take their instruction from Google, rather than the government?

    Yes, we can create jobs while saving the planet. In fact the two are intertwined and integral to what little hope there’s to bridging a future.

    Here are a few links that might be of interest: http://msrb.wordpress.com/stop-burning-earth/

  29. Socrates said

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am new to this website. From what I’ve seen so far, you seem to be trying to present high-minded ideas in easily digestible terms for the general population. That is a noble endeavour.

    I just switched from high speed to dial up. Wow, what a difference. But I needed to find a way to force myself off of the internet. My point is, with high speed, there are no excuses for folks to not be able to figure a lot out, despite all of the misdirections, disinfo, and inane domains.

    A few years back, I was on RealClimate for a few posts. It was on their now classic thread on geoengineering. I found that if people wrote logically and sincerely, that their posts were allowed to stay, and that they even would get decent responses. But when we couch things in other ways, we then leave the realm of discussion, end up tossing out the scientific method, and the result is usually friction, enigmas, and limited hangouts.

    The geoengineers like to point to the cooling effects of Mt. Pinatubo, when the volcanic sulfur shot into the upper atmosphere influencing the radiative balance. Paul Crutzen, featured in a Rolling Stone article, is the dude who is well-known for his studies on the ozone holes and also for his plan/ideas about creating a sulfur shield. But he called for this to take place in the stratosphere. Most of our weather is occuring in the troposphere.

    One of the other big moments in atmospheric history alluded to a lot is when the planes were grounded after the 9/11 attacks. I believe {from memory} that a scientist named Travis noticed that the temperature shot up a number of degrees. Thus, the idea was that some pollution could be good for us.

    I agree with your analysis. We need to park the development truck, get out, and start walking away. One problem with the dumbing down of America {I can’t speak for other countries}, is that many Americans are defanged of their critical thinking skills and often are left with a blind allegience to the flag. How else is there to explain GW Bush’s approval ratings up until the year before the 2004 elections?

    So instead of folks pondering about Enlightenment versus Counter-Enlightenment, of say Positivism versus Rousseau’s “Noble Savage,” we are programmed to respect authority. As Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance taught us, we have lost our gumption. We are always looking for others to fix things or explain things, etc..

    When I looked into Gel Tech Solutions, by the way, I stumbled across Michael D. Brown’s name, you know, of “You’re doing a heckuva job Brownie” fame. Now I am not saying for sure it is the same guy, but it is the same exact name. So my point is, is cronyism and big business garnering too much power as regards to things that will impact our prospects for a healthier planet? I agree from what I’ve read that there is indeed little proof that the dyn-o-mat formula works. Even if it does, where is the accountability and disclosure? Where are the checks and balances?

    There are certain things, imho, that don’t add up. Geoengineering has been shown to be dangerous by the majority of scientists. Gavin Schmidt and others seem to be arguing for us to not go there. So why all the chatter? If we go with Crutzen’s sulfur plan, what happens when the eventual volcanic eruptions add to a sulfur tipping point? Acid rain anyone?

    What about the Star Wars missile defense? Wasn’t that outed as crazy thinking during the Reagan years? Then why does it seem like there is plenty going on concerning the militarisation of space?

    It’s funny you mention google with NASA. Many have wondered if google is rigged or easily gamed. I don’t have the answer to that, but from experience, it does appear that one or the other is happening. Then I look at NASA. I see a lot of self-promotion coming out of their quarters. I think people need to realise that NASA is part of the military. I think too much money is put into it. They are now deeply tied in with atmospheric science projects. I am fearful that if our own leaders can get away with illegal wars, wiretapping, torture, etc., then how are we going to ever know what institutions such as NASA, the NOAA, UCAR et al are really up to?

    Say NASA rockets are responsible for a good chunk of the ozone holes {correct me if I’m mistaken}. Then shouldn’t space exploration be grounded? My fear is, and to be honest, it sounds like we are on the same page, that instead of trying to change the society/economy to stop hurting Earth, the ptb’s are working to create band-aids.

    It’s like with cancer and chemo. Chemo might give you a few extra years. If fortunate enough, if the cancer is in an early stage, then chemo might even cure you. But otherwise, most cancer patients are going to die as a result of the chemo rather than the actual cancer.

    So money and human nature seem to be at the core of our problems. Instead of grounding NASA, we hear of plans to create ozone or sun shields. I think NASA is a propaganda outlet. I think they are living off of the good feelings generated by the 1969 moon landing.

    Even though we may disagree about whether widescale “weather mitigation” has already started- some say turbo engines, I say I don’t think so- I think it is good that we agree that the fundamental structure of the economy needs to be reoriented to stop doing damage to the planet. Now how could such “weather mitigation” take place without public knowledge? Well, the military is now saying that climate change is a national security issue. That means they can do whatever they want to without full disclosure. How else could such activities go unchecked? Perhaps the easiest way would be to create a strawman messenger talking about weather wars, mind control, and even aliens!

    I hope this post wasn’t too long. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my humble view of what is really going on.

  30. edro said

    In the humanoids’ declared war against nature, whichever side wins, we will be the losers!

  31. socrates said

    Hi, thanks for letting me make the few posts. I respect your rules. If I could just add one more clarification for something I noticed from post #21 by Ike West. A link was given for an article written by Carole Pellatt. The article was lifted and perverted by [name removed by Moderator: TERRES.] Carole is a member of my humble forum. The real story behind this along with her original work as meant to be read can be found in the link in my username. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  32. terres said

    Details of the individual mentioned in your comment were removed because the Moderators were unable to verify the information provided.

  33. Socrates said

    Fair enough. Thank you good people.

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  35. […] Nature’s Defense Mechanisms […]

  36. […] Nature’s Defense Mechanisms […]

  37. Hello,
    I am Carole Pellatt, I wrote the article “Yes, We Are Being Sprayed”, which is essentially a history of chemical and biological testing that the military has done on civilian populations since WWII.
    The purpose behind the research and article was to provide people, who are not accustomed to the true workings of militaries and governments, with some verifiable, indisputable, instances of our governments ( not just the U.S.) allowing civilian populations to be put in harm’s way by the military’s insatiable need for experimentation of new, potential weapons. It seems the unknowing public makes a great guinea pig.
    I found that a big reason why some people couldn’t get past “contrails” to “aerosol spraying”, is the indoctrinated belief that our government would never do us any harm- especially that kind of plain disgusting, aggressive, in your face poisoning of the skies.
    The article is well researched, and as I said, the facts are verifiable. Your blogger “SOCRATES” was correct. Please do not read that article from any other source than my website


    Any other version is not correct. It is edited, and callously
    I might add. I was horrified when I saw the versions floating around, they are not my words and my meanings were completely misconstrued. I have tried on many occasions to have these incorrect version retracted but people do not seem interested in the truth.

    The direct link to the article is:


    It is stored on the homepage http://www.iseelines.com (I SEE LINES)

    Thank you for the opportunity to clear up this matter.


  38. terres said

    Carol – your comment was allowed because the Moderators felt as the author of the original article you should have your say.

    Please see comment #25 for our position on the issue.

    Do governments expose the military personnel and civilian populations to chemical, biological, radiological, psychological and other exotic weapons testing?

    Yes, we believe they do so regularly.

    Would they expose their own command and control to the same risks by indiscriminately “spraying” the air with biochemical agents, or other deadly substances?

    We don’t believe that to be the case.

    This is our final say on the issue. The moderators would reject additional comments on the subject at this forum.


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  40. […] Volcanic eruptions are one of the components of the planet’s defense mechanism. […]

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