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A Most Powerful Mechanism of Collapse

Posted by edro on November 4, 2008

A Most Powerful Mechanism of Collapse:
The Loss of Will to Live

Pawning the Last Valuable Possession

The will to live is the ultimate human phenomenon maintained by a fine balance between the four interrelated elements:

  • Health of the environment
  • Physical and mental well being
  • Nature’s supplies and services
  • Societal vigor


As the demands on nature multiply,  the environment progressively deteriorates and civilization becomes increasingly dysfunctional, the balance exponentially declines and the future of human species, entirely by their own making, becomes rapidly bleaker.

What future is there for a dying addict who has pawned his last item of value, craving  only for one last strong fix?

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13 Responses to “A Most Powerful Mechanism of Collapse”

  1. George Hayduke said

    Yup. And it is a fact that governments around the world have experimented with engergy wave technology and drugs that can be introduced to a metropolitan center’s water supply that would induce mass suicides by members of the population.

    Here is a very recent link:

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/dec/03/fear-smell-pheromone (Link to UK Guardian article on US military weapons think tank DAARPA’s interest in the fear pheramone, as it has been proven to exist and have a noted impact on the brain when detected by others than those emitting it.)

    Imagine if the human fear pheramone were weaponized and employed against the peasantry by privatized armies employed by elites on the brink of losing all power due to societal break-down.

    And keep in mind that BZ and LSD both were substances invented in government laboratories and then weaponized as, per their own admission, various military agencies sought a tasteless, odorless chemical that could be introduced into water supplies that would inspire large cities to surrender to small armies without a fight.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0kW6xuxtPU (Link to Youtube-posted trailer of the movie “Jacob’s Ladder” about BZ, a substance similar to LSD, but with a “high” that lasts 80 hours and was put in American GI’s food in Vietnam to make them more aggressive.)

  2. terres said

    Someone I once knew told me she was [presumably picked at random and used as an unsuspecting human guinea pig] given LSD [more likely “BZ”] by two people [govt. agents?] she met casually in the early 1970s. She said the “high” was actually a “low” and lasted for more than three days. She went through the whole period unable to catch any sleep because every time she closed her eyes her brain was “invaded by rat-like creatures.” The rest of her faculties were seemingly unaffected because she managed to go to work as usual, although somewhat exhausted.

    I believe this post is about human extinction caused by a collapsing world. It’s about the consequences of doing nothing to stop the collapse. Why isn’t humanity doing anything comprehensive to stop the collapse? Because most people are so addicted to the status quo they couldn’t care less; they have lost their will to live!

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