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Why Bailout-Stimulus Plan Won’t Work

Posted by edro on January 27, 2009

Sent by a CASF Member

The end of an era that never was!

A dramatic shift is breaking through, but the government is inviting everyone to a doll party playing with Monopoly money!

1. The perception of world model is rapidly changing from an apparent abstraction to a palpable reality. A period of extravagance is giving way to a time of conservation;  follies  of  boundless growth and infinite abundance are erased by the realizations of limitation and finiteness of resources.

2. The vehicle of change is accelerating humans’ awareness of its ecological impact, shifting from a ‘remote control’ mode to a ‘hands-on’ situation. A glaring contrast between the concentration of monetary wealth and control of resources, on the one side,  and the perceived right to ‘have,’ on the other, is setting the stage for regional, national and global conflict.

3. Radical measures are vitally needed to prevent climatic and socioeconomic catastrophes [listed in alphabetic order] and to protect planet’s natural resources from further depletion and erosion.

4. Instead, more of the same mistakes are repeated. What is prescribed is more money for the rich, who can’t believe their luck. Whereas it took the predatory private banking system much deliberation and many months, even years of plotting to steal a billion dollars from the public coffers previously, it now takes a mere few weeks to steal $350billion, and do so with the Executive and Legislature blessings.

5. How does the government stop the daylight highway robbery? Certainly not through nationalization of banks and ‘radicalization’ of the runaway economy (!) No,  they would give so much more Monopoly money to the thieves [banks and banksters,  corporations and their nominees,] until such time that the thieves are probably too embarrassed to steal anymore.

6. That way both the Executive and the Legislature remain popular and continue to be liked by the Captain Hooks of the ‘economy.’ It’s a win-win situation. No one gets hurt except of course the taxpayers, their children and grandchildren. But who gives a damn about the populace?

7. The bailout-stimulus-Wall-Street-Monopoly-money plan won’t work, because the causes of the economic failure are left untouched. The dynamics of collapse remain in place, glaringly obvious. At best, the plan may work for just weeks, perhaps a few months, if the administration is ‘lucky.’

8. But that’s okay because everyone is just trying to buy a little more time. Who knows, maybe China is struck by another, even bigger earthquake, or a deadly disease epidemic that decimates its population. A civil war anyone? A severe drought in India could obliterate 80 percent of its population. Brazil, nay most of South America,  could be buried under giant mudslides.  Europe could freeze up. A little ice-age could reverse the climate change. New sources of green energy could be found. Pigs could glide in the air instead of flying on biofuel blends.

9. What exactly is there to worry about?  We don’t even have to change our lifestyles. Why should we? Right? Wrong!

10. Insisting on the attempt to revive the old economy’s  corpse will almost certainly end in failure. Regional and national conflict would erupt. A till-the-last-man-stands global war could be fought  over access to the dwindling energy and other natural resources, regardless of the deadly consequences for all sides. The prospect of this deadly scenario is becoming increasingly more probable.

11. Regardless of the ten-trillion-dollar bailout-stimulus-Wall-Street-Monopoly-money plan [that’s what the intermediate bill would probably amount to,] there would be NO prospect for long-term US/World  security, unless:

  • The economic system is ‘radicalized’
  • Wall Street is closed down
  • Federal Reserve system is abolished [and replaced with a nationalized central bank system]
  • The banks are nationalized [This would be a first step to making money sterile. Money has been allowed to have reproductive organs and as a result it has caught terminal social disease.]
  • The recovery plan’s monetary price tag and therefore its astronomical, toxic carbon footprint is removed.
  • Profit-taking is replaced by care-giving
  • Stealing from public coffers becomes a capital offense
  • Moneychangers are put behind bars [permanently]
  • The United States [and consequently ROW] is deglobalized
  • The US [and consequently ROW] is demilitarized
  • Commerce and industrial activity are localized
  • A number of other vital, remedial changes are effected

12. A ‘revival’ may be possible only after the large holes through which the patient is bleeding to death have been sutured, and a non-toxic remedy is applied.

13. Here’s the last chance America and rest of the world have: To Do or Die!

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