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10 Facts on Climate Change

Posted by edro on February 8, 2010

AND Its Impact on the Weather Patterns

  1. OUR Home planet is undergoing an extended period of accelerating Climate Change.
  2. The impacts of Climate Change on our weather patterns are worsening exponentially.
  3. Extremes of change in the temperature, precipitation, drought… are intensifying.
  4. The time periods within which the changes occur are shortening, therefore the rate of changes are accelerating.
  5. As an outcome of (1) to (4) above, the frequency and severity of climatic disasters are exponentially increasing.
  6. The disasters are targeting the planet’s water, soil, food and energy resources, increasing human vulnerability and triggering a die-off.
  7. Emerging patterns strongly suggest that the consequence of climate change are increasingly more catastrophic, beyond the wildest worst case conditions ever imaginable.
  8. The period of change could last for years to decades, Millennia to epoch. [Most of that would prove of no consequence to humans.]
  9. There`re NO known patterns for definitive comparisons of the extent of the changes.
  10. Unless the adverse affects of  human impact on the planet are removed, or substantially reduced, die-off will occur sooner rather than later.

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