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The 6th Great Extinction: Sooner Than Expected

Posted by edro on May 23, 2010

Planetary collapse driven by man-made cataclysms

This blog has now been dedicated to the ‘survivors’ of the planetary collapse forced by man-made cataclysms

Based on their research, EDRO Moderators Have concluded that a series of man-made cataclysms will drive the earth’s population to near extinction.

[This section was removed to ensure NO association WHATEVER could be made with “Rapture apocalypse prediction.”]

Most of the ‘survivors’ would be highly evolved, ethical and altruistic humans with the ability to overcome the immense difficulties they will have inherited . . .

Nevertheless, the Moderators believe by identifying the major man-made obstacles that stand in the way, they could, for their part, help to keep the flow of life on this planet uninterrupted.

EDRO Moderators

For background to the planetary collapse, search blog contents. Future information will be provided at this site OR at one of the following cites:


12 Responses to “The 6th Great Extinction: Sooner Than Expected”

  1. Hello, I am new to your blog and so just beginning to read archived posts.

    Do you have any evidence for this statement:

    “Most of the ‘survivors’ would be highly evolved, ethical and altruistic humans with the ability to overcome the immense difficulties they will have inherited . . ”

    I would really like to agree however, it seems more likely that in a post-apocalyptic world, the patter established over the past 2000 years would most likely prevail, if history is any precedent.

    In which case, the worst sons of bitches, most ruthless, violent, and corrupt will dominate human society. Including of course, shamans, medicine men, and end-of-times prophets like…Sarah Palin….

  2. Gail Zawacki said

    Well, thank you for the links. [By] evidence I meant, historical precedent.

    • feww said

      For historical precedents, try searching Internet using keywords like “Collapse,” “Societal collapse,” “Mayan Civilization,” “Han Dynasty,” “Roman Empire,” “complex system” and similar terms.

      See also:


      • Carl B said


        I would generally tend to agree with you regarding numbers falling under 1 Bil. I do not know exactly the number; you may be spot on. I tend to believe that this number is closer to 600,000,000. and then things get progressively ugly for these survivors as they age and have low birth rates along with skyrocketing birth defects. Famine and Plagues could in fact tend to decreasee the numbers I figure dramatically. I am coming from Prophetically originated numbers.

        There are too many variables at this time to get an accruate count.

        6.6 Bil Minus 1/3 = 4.33 Bil. Minus 1/3 = 2.89 Bil. Minus 1/4 = (2.166 Bil.) Prophetically.

        The 2.166 Bil. number is a final number before people break out in cancers and tumors and radioactive effects pre-death.

        Starvation from Nuclear Winter will likely kill the greater part of the left over balance of 2.166 Bil. Population along with little shelter to take cover under; people will die from exposure to the elements.

  3. feww said

    Carl B

    What on earth is “Prophetically originated numbers”?

    The numbers quoted on this blog and on Fire-Earth are based on a dozen or so models that take into account a v. large number of variables, which are based mostly on actual data, some extrapolations and a number of statistical analysis.

    Our Blogs use about a half dozen different models and integrate them to provide as realistic as possible simulations of real world events and their impacts on the environment and the consequences for the human population. I believe we have been spot on so far on most of our forecasts.

    Humans are precious species in the larger scheme of things. The bad news is that 99.99 percent of human race have severed their umbilical chords with nature, and therefore are no longer recognized as what they were by the latter.

    The ‘Google Civilization’ is truly Collapsing from Disinformation [and disengagement.]

    For background reading see also:





    Meanwhile, the evolutionary forces have gained ground and overtaken the two-legged species.

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  5. cm said

    About 1990 National Geographic had a special issue about the beginning of the 6th Extinction. Some said it was starting then. The rural environment near here supports far less plant and animal biomass today than it did 20 years ago when it was lush. Gail has shown me it is not just in my neighborhood, it’s world wide. Here’s your extinction and mine. But NOT sooner than expected.

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