Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

Healthy Environment

Why NOT Waste?

Global warming caused by human activities is already occurring. Our existence is threatened by the prospect of extreme climate events including stronger storms, extreme rain events, flooded coastlines, permanent and almost permanent droughts, more disease, food and water shortages.

We have polluted our waterways, soil and air to such levels that they seriously affect our health and the quality of our daily life.

Zero Waste at Intelligent Clusters

Zero Waste is a creative goal vital to the sustaining life communities on Earth. To achieve zero waste Intelligent Clusters would use innovative designs for their resource and production systems transforming waste management to resource management by emulating sustainable natural cycles so that any output generated in any production process can be used as input in another process.

Both products and processes are designed so as to reduce volume and toxicity of materials and waste. Rather than incinerating, burying or otherwise discarding the waste to the environment, the waste is recovered and stored as new resources.

Healthy Environment

Intelligent Clusters aims to create a healthy environment free from pollution by implementing Zero Waste principle to eliminate toxic discharges to land, water and air and prevent serious damage to the health of ecosystems and the wellbeing of humans, other animals and plants (at least locally). The Cluster models offer desperately needed clean environment for healthy lifestyles to ensure the residents health and the wellbeing of the future generations (to the maximum extent possible).

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