Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

The Model

Intentional Communities

The Clusters are intentional communities that serve as socioeconomic models for making the transition from energy-intensive, car-centered urban lifestyles to low-energy eco-centered human communities created in line with the ecological principles.

The Pioneer Clusters include

Mixed-use professional community
– Energy Plus home/office units
– The ‘Living University,’ a center for sustainable development, is a proposed hands-on research and learning unit linked to other contributing communities, organizations and individuals throughout the world
– Social and Community Empowered Network (SCEN), the ultimate in social and community network programs, to facilitate the creation and linking of sustainable communities and communication between the residents and participants throughout the world
– A health clinic and wellness center
– Accommodation for visitors
– Sustainable production, technical and commercial center
Food management, production, preservation and service units
– Sustainable Agricultural center

– Culture and recreation units
– Other community infrastructure including schools, library, assembly area, sports facilities


Several locations are currently under review for establishing the initial clusters including places in South America, Europe and Southeast Asia (other locations may be considered). The Pioneer Clusters design would integrate the community planning with the natural resources and ecological features that are unique to the locality.

The Great Economy for Community of Life

Bona fide parties may apply for more information about the Model and the Great Economy for Community of Life.


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