Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

Initial Conditions

If we wish to give philosophic expression to the profound connection between thought and action in all fields of human endeavor, particularly in science, we shall undoubtedly have to seek its sources in the unfathomable depths of human soul. Perhaps philosophers might call it “love” in a very general sense—that force which directs all our actions, which is the source of all our delights and all are pursuits. Indissolubly linked with thought and with action, love is their common mainspring and, hence, their common bond. The engineers of the future have an essential part to play in cementing this bond. —Louis De Broglie, New Perspectives in Physics

Thought and Action

Special Condition: Regaining the will to live. The will to live is the ultimate human phenomenon maintained by a fine balance between physical and mental well being, societal vigor, nature’s supplies and services AND health of the environment. Humans must regain the will to live, without which creating a future is impossible!

Initial Condition No. 1. Make a slight change: Shift your perception of yourself from being a “static neutral observer” to a “dynamic passionate stakeholder.”

Initial Condition No. 2. Shift your focus on the essentials. Hone your understanding of what is sustainable and what is chimeric! With stakeholding comes duty of care. Witness the mechanisms of destruction that are systematically obliterating your personal stake. Identify the actions that you must take to stop the devastation and safeguard your stake in sustaining a habitable Earth.

Initial Condition No. 3. Burrow a little deeper. Go beyond the headlines. Heighten your awareness skills by viewing the world from new, multiple perspectives. Dissect the issues that concern you and communicate your findings to people you know. Start with the ‘Exponential Growth Economy.’ [Our current lifestyles are not sustainable. The status quo cannot and will not last.]

Initial Condition No. 4. Make a resolution. Decide how far you are prepared to go [the action you would take and the cost to yourself] to help preserve the continuity of life [in all its forms] on Earth.

Initial Condition No. 5. Aim for 286W. The 286Watt per capita energy consumption is ‘safe’ and equitable and represents an adequate energy consumption level for humans. Aim for 286W, opt for voluntary simplicity and reconnect to the nexus of life. The global energy consumption must be reduced immediately to about 286 Watts per capita to ensure continuity of life [humans and other animals] on Earth.

Initial Condition No. 6. Understand your human rights. Your fundamental and inalienable human rights should embrace the right to breathe unpolluted air, drink clean water, grow food on fertile, uncontaminated land, share cumulative human wisdom, access to natural materials to make shelter and to have a sustainable future.

Initial Condition No. 7. Establish a food and shelter cooperative. Start with a small group in your neighborhood with the aim of growing to 50 – 100 people. Meet regularly. Learn how to grow at least some of your own food requirements and develop new skills to meet the group’s basic needs. Share your knowledge with other groups.

Initial Condition No. 8. Mimic Nature. Nature is an NPO. She doesn’t “work” for monetary gains and has performed wonderfully well for a very, very long time.

Initial Condition No. 9. Seek your ultimate role. Make your role in the cosmos indispensable.

Initial Condition No. 10. Prepare for a massive change.

Initial Condition No. 11. Thought and Action: Think and Act. Everything, absolutely anything [cosmically legitimate] is possible, if you wish it strongly enough. You’re rapidly running out of time, and there’s absolutely nothing better to do than saving your world.

Under Construction!

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2 Responses to “Initial Conditions”

  1. Bret said


    Is that 286 watts? And is it per hour, per day, or per year?


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