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The Players – Full List

Table EN2b. The Players – Full List
1. 2. 3. ‘GL,’
‘CO,’ and ‘IS’ denote Global, Continental, and Interstate (cross border).
‘Other’ denotes mercenary forces, material/financial support and local military alliances based on new military alignments.
5. OMAEU: Original Military Alliance of Europe.
6. FSUCMA: Former Soviet Union Countries
Military Alliance.
7. SATO: South American Treaty Organization.
8. NUDA: New European Defense Alliance.
9. NAMA:
North African Military (Defense) Alliance.
10. AMDU: Another Military (Defense) Union.
11. SEADO: South East Asian Defense Organization.
12. PEUMA: Progressive European Military Alliance.
13. ADAEU: Alternative Defense Alliance of Europe.
[EU in its current form could cease to operate by or before 2012.]

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