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‘C’ for the Economy’s Carbon Cycle

Posted by edro on February 22, 2009

‘C’ for the Economy’s Carbon Cycle [Boosted by Bailouts and Stimulus Plan]

Thought for the Day: The Depth of Human Intelligence!

The most intelligent species on earth, human, in its quest for the total subjugation of nature has created the ultimate conundrum:

1. He measures his livelihood gains by the strength of the GDP, and his ills by the size of carbon footprint.

2. The larger the GDP, however, the bigger the carbon footprint!


‘C’ for the Economy’s Carbon Cycle [Boosted by the Bailouts and Stimulus Plan.] Credit: CASF. Insets used to build image may be subject to copyright.

[Note: To produce a GDP of 65.17 trillion (International Dollars), the world economies emitted about 10.38 billion metric tons of carbon [~38.06 billion tons of CO2.] That is, for every dollar paid (or received) each time in 2007 an average of about 160 grams of carbon, or 584 g of CO2 were released to the environment!]

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A Most Powerful Mechanism of Collapse

Posted by edro on November 4, 2008

A Most Powerful Mechanism of Collapse:
The Loss of Will to Live

Pawning the Last Valuable Possession

The will to live is the ultimate human phenomenon maintained by a fine balance between the four interrelated elements:

  • Health of the environment
  • Physical and mental well being
  • Nature’s supplies and services
  • Societal vigor


As the demands on nature multiply,  the environment progressively deteriorates and civilization becomes increasingly dysfunctional, the balance exponentially declines and the future of human species, entirely by their own making, becomes rapidly bleaker.

What future is there for a dying addict who has pawned his last item of value, craving  only for one last strong fix?

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