Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

The Economy

“But at the deep end of our being we find it hard to suppress the cry of anguish, the scream of horror—the wild words required to express wild realities. We human beings are being led to a dead end—all too literally. We are living by an ideology of death and accordingly we are destroying our own humanity and killing the planet. … If we continue on our present paths, future generations, if there are to be any, are condemned to misery. The fact that many people of good will do not see this dead end is undeniably true . . .” ~ [For the Common Good: redirecting the economy toward community, the environment, and a sustainable future, 1994, Herman E. Daly and John B. Cobb, Jr.]

A Brief Observation of Life, Earth, Universe (Cosmos) and Everything

  • Going with the big bang theory, universe started out in a state of maximum entropy (total chaos).
  • Universe is mostly in the state of existence rather than in nonexistence.
  • Earth, a minor planet within a minor galaxy, has evolved from a less complex entity to a more intricate body.
  • Without the elementary particles and laws of physics including nuclear forces, magnetism and gravity, life on Earth might not have evolved—the biological evolution depends on their pre-existence.
  • An ordered reality defined as “natural laws” exists independent of human life and beyond her intervention.
  • Earth and therefore universe as we know them are life giving realities.
  • To an ‘observer’ who regards life and existence as ‘good’ (we believe that to be the case), nature through its laws acts benevolently to provide the essential ‘housekeeping’ that enable life (as we know it).
  • Compared to the past, most of the events will occur in the future; therefore, the future is more meaningful and significant than the past.
  • Humans have the capacity to think, learn, make deliberate choices, accumulate and transfer knowledge to posterity.
  • Knowledge enhances thoughts and consciousness.
  • For maximum synergy, the direction of evolution of universe, earth and humans should coincide, with all of them evolving, timewise, to higher states of consciousness.
  • Humans can only evolve if life continues uninterrupted.
  • Nature is an NPO. It has performed wonderfully well for a very, very long time.

Life is not possible without the services of ecosystems (life support systems). Understanding, preserving and living in harmony with nature must therefore form the basis of a sustainable economy [consistent with the housekeeping of the cosmos] that ‘perpetuates’ life, advances knowledge and promotes the evolution of intelligence.

The Great Economy for Community of Life

A New Model: Homo cosmo-ecologicus [A person in the community of life dedicated to understanding the role and place of humans in the cosmos, and the housekeeping rules that create maximum synergy into the future—if one could be salvaged!]

Water Use
Land Use
Governance (Income Policy, Taxes, National Security)
How to Get There

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