Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

Sustainable Living

Intelligent Paradigms

The Intelligent Clusters models use intelligent paradigms for sustainable living including the planning, application or production of

– The appropriate technologies (backed by failsafe conventional systems)
– Low-energy profile [286W Communities¹]
– Low-energy, neutral carbon footprint, low-impact materials
– Renewable energy (to the maximum extent possible)
– Local food (including chemical free diversified farming, horticulture, aquaculture)
– Zero waste, zero emission culture
– Protection against extreme climatic events (to the maximum extent possible)
– Sustainable socioeconomic models

1. See Definitions.


Ultra-low energy buildings
Passive solar building design
Passive house Institute
Zero energy building
Energy-plus buildings
Self-sufficient homes
Autonomous building
Architectural engineering

The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Urban Villages
New Pedestrianism
Principles of Intelligent Urbanism (PIU)

Dongtan Eco-city

Caution: The above links are included for information only. CASF does not endorse any outside organization or project that are listed on this website.

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