Seeding Socioeconomic Avalanches! [Hacked by WordPress; filtered by Google!]

Community Learning

Living University

To develop and sustain skills required for maintaining the eco-centered post-petroleum communities and share the knowledge, the Clusters would establish the ‘Living University,’ a community learning concept linked to the other Clusters, local, national and global centers for research on sustainability, progressive organizations and knowledgeable individuals throughout the world.

Living University would concentrate on developing sustainable life sciences and set new standards of excellence in creating alternative lifestyles based on very low energy profiles (and the corresponding appropriate technologies) that are vital to the environmental and economic sustainability.

The Cluster would facilitate sustainable living in harmony with what’s left of the planet’s life-support systems, and lead the way on mitigating the effects of deleterious changes that are being made to the environment, where possible.

By virtues of self-sufficiency in producing food, generating power (subject to the physical limitations), and using low-energy profiles, the Intelligent Clusters would provide permanent cultures including homes, jobs and food security for their communities.

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