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Collapsing Cities

The First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities

Below table lists the world’s cities that are likely to collapse completely or partially by or before 2012¹ in the first wave of collapse. The collapse would be caused by a combination of failing ecosystems, human-enhanced environmental catastrophes; failing infrastructure; food, water and fuel shortages; infectious disease; war, civil conflict and other dynamics. Following the first phase of collapse, massive waves of human migration from the affected areas create a domino effect that causes the collapse of the remaining population centers shortly after.

Is your city safe?

To prevent misuse of data, commercial exploitation, or property speculation, the project coordinators are withholding names and specific details of the first phase of world’s collapsing cities until further notice. See table below for general information.

Table C.1. No. of world cities that could collapse completely or partially by 2012, the corresponding regions/countries and number of people that would be affected initially, according to the worst case future scenario. (Sources: MSRB, CASF)

Important Notice:
1. The date “2012” is based on the dynamic model simulations analyzing the environmental impact of excessive energy consumption. The CASF Committee and Members do NOT endorse Mayan Calendar, any New Age, ancient, or bible prophecies whatever.

The Dynamics of Collapse

The following exhibit lists the most probable [leading] causes that would drive the first wave of world’s cities to collapse. [Note: Data is listed alphabetically]

  • Accumulation of toxic pollution in the environment
  • Civil conflict
  • Collapse of fisheries/fish species
  • Collapse of natural pest regulation systems
  • Corporate mass homicide
  • Deforestation
  • Desertification
  • Droughts
  • Economic collapse
  • Epidemics of plant and animal diseases
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Extreme climatic events (including extreme rain events, floods)
  • Failing ecosystems
  • Famine
  • Foodborne, waterborne, airborne and insectborne infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal, prion)
  • Fuel shortage
  • Global collapse of pollinators
  • Habitat destruction
  • Human-enhanced natural catastrophes including earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones, extreme rainfall events, landslides, volcanic eruptions, droughts and wildfires …
  • Human-induced climate change
  • Increased UV radiation
  • Industrial accidents (including radionuclide, chemical and oil spills)
  • Inordinate prevalence of psychopathology caused by exponential growth economy: money fetishism, industrialism, militarism, atomistic lifestyles, consumerism, throwaway culture, dysfunctional societies …
  • Land use change
  • Loss of Topsoil
  • Loss of Will to Live
  • Mass migrations
  • Mass murder/suicide as a result of neurological disorder caused by mercury [other heavy metals,] poisoning, biochemical poisoning, contaminated food and water supplies, tainted drugs especially vaccines
  • Moral decline (unethical behavior, unsustainable lifestyles, overconsumption)
  • New Strains of Superbugs, super bacteria, killer fungi
  • Overshoot of Carrying Capacity; Increased ecological footprint; Overpopulation (esp. DCs*)
  • Overwhelmed by mounting waste: agricultural, municipal (garbage and sewage) and industrial
  • Poor global harvest/Food scarcity [Humans are one harvest away from starvation!]
  • Poverty
  • Running Dry (Running out of freshwater)
  • Sinking into the ground (large-scale subsidence caused by overuse of groundwater supplies)
  • Societal collapse
  • Soil degradation (salination, erosion … )
  • Spread of pandemic diseases
  • The American Dream (and its global equivalents)
  • The death of truth, surrender of concreteness to abstractions, defeat of ‘right’ by ‘sight,’ loss of  reason [and the essential faculties needed] to advance to the future
  • Tourism [euphemistically, eco-tourism]
  • War (conventional and nuclear)
  • Unnamed mechanisms
  • Unknown causes or new mechanisms of collapse

*DCs: Developed Countries

The number of people affected by disasters has risen by 68 percent, from an average of 174 million a year between 1985 to 1994 to 254 million a year [4% of world population.]

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131 Responses to “Collapsing Cities”

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for this site.

    I run the Natural Burial Company and am seeking to promote a transition in funeral industry practices, and your project brings up a question for me – could I get access to the city-data more easily than simply making a list myself from the available red-zone maps of sea-level change?

    I appreciate your desire not to post the US collapsing cities HOWEVER
    If you can easily steer me to the map/data sets you’re using I can infer them myself and, as my part of our natural burial project, I’ll make a point of ensuring that our outreach about the potential danger to people when conventional cemeteries begin flooding and releasing all sorts of human-body-goo that’s been stored in formerly sealed plastic and steel coffins reaches these communities earlier rather than later (San Francisco moved all its cemeteries to Colma in the early 1900’s – it can be done).

    We’ll be doing this outreach in the form of proposing natural burial grounds and plans for transition from the lowest-lying cemeteries to city-run cemeteries that have the earliest likelihood of damage/challenge. Any info you’re willing to spare us is welcomed (we won’t be inciting panic – we’re using the info strategically so that citizen-bodies have time to prepare).

    The only thing I’m asking for really is the sea-level referent you might be using so that we can then identify municipally owned cemeteries in the ‘red zones’ and then make sure they have the tools needed to inform them about cemetery migration before disaster.

    Undecomposed bodies pose high human pathogen hazards. Burials have not always accurately recorded the cause of death. Transmissable diseases may have been undiagnosed or not admitted. Non-natural burial has made this potential pathogen stew a problem that can emerge in ways that it hasn’t before (earth burial took care of disease in the past)

    Many bodies contain formaldehyde from embalming fluid, and the caskets have all sorts of synthetics in them that are not designed for wet conditions. Even waterproof vaults are not waterproof. Skeletonized human remains are not dangerous, but most cemeteries no longer have skeletonized remains if the people have been buried in the last 40-50 years – anaerobic decomposition ensures the body goes to “goo” and then pools in the bottom of the vaults and coffins. We think this is a significant danger and is relatively unanticipated, especially with respect to climate change. Moving bodies in a dignified and respectful fashion will be expensive and time-consuming. The earlier a risk-assessment is done and proper measures taken, the better.

    Thanks for your work. We’re focusing on the “period” – the “end point” of life. You’re making it so that hopefully that period is further out than it sometimes appears.

    We’re mostly proactive in a very positive and life-affirming way, promoting forests and such, but this bit about sea-level rise into non-skeletonized human remains stored in coastal and low-lying cemeteries is the darker side that we also need to attend to, even if it remains in the background a bit.


    in trees,

    “Be A Tree”
    The Natural Burial Company

  2. edro said

    Hi Cynthia — Thanks for visiting.

    Flooding due to rising sea-levels is [just] one of about 50 or so major causes of collapse that are currently being highlighted by the CASF Committee.

    Our chief concerns [right now] are the [other 49 or so causes of collapse and the] countless numbers of people [alive today] that won’t be buried, and the serious consequences of the rotting corpses laying on the ground, along the roads, rivers… contaminating water, soil and air.

    According to the scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, if all of the ice in Greenland and Antarctica melted the global sea levels would rise by about 215 feet (65 meters). This estimate does not include thermal expansion of the oceans and several other factors that would raise the sea even higher. The total melt may occur a long time from now; however, the pace may quicken if, for example, the ice cracked earlier and the newly discovered lakes under Antarctica’s ice sheets [the ice sheets currently sit on the ground,] lubricated the slide down the ocean.

    According to one [conservative?] estimate the sea levels will rise between a low of 27 centimeters (11 inches) and a high of 95 centimeters (37 inches) by the year 2100 [Mark Meier and team, University of Colorado in Boulder, US,]. The rise would come from melting glaciers and ice sheets and thermal expansion of the oceans.

    According to EPA the sea level has risen 20 cm (8 inches) in the last 100 years.

    The scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Arizona researchers believe that by 2100 the warming may raise the temperatures to the highs of 130,000 years ago, when sea levels were about 20 feet (6 meters) higher than now. See computer images including the red zones at URL: http://news.mongabay.com/2006/0323-sea_levels.html

    The NCAR/University of Arizona scenario may be exacerbated if other factors were to take effect: Storm surges (tidal surge, or storm tide), cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis.

    Additionally, Extreme Rain Events can and do occur in non-coastal areas.

    In the worst case condition, where flooding would occur, a “safe” elevation for areas within about 10 miles (16 km) of coastal waters and major rivers may ultimately be as high as 266 feet (81m).

    You can find the elevation of cities/regions of concern using the search engine at the URL:

    For more information see at the following URLs:

    Click to access US%20City%20Elevation%20Chart.pdf

    or Wikipedia: [ Example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland,_Oregon ]

    [See also:
    1. Failing Ecosystems
    2. Drying Aquifers, Sinking Cities
    3. Topsoil
    4. State of the World
    5. Future Scenarios

    Update by FEWW Feb. 20, 2008]

    We hope this is useful.

    [Data and links provided by Graeme, CASF Committee Member]

  3. Iggy Dalrymple said

    [Edited by Moderator. EDRO]

  4. edro said

    Moderators invite intelligent comments. For background information see:
    1. Failing Ecosystems
    2. Drying Aquifers, Sinking Cities
    3. Topsoil
    4. State of the World
    5. Future Scenarios

  5. Robert Sczech said

    [Edited by moderator: FEWW]

  6. feww said

    Please see comment # 4 above.

  7. edro said

    Submitted on 2008/02/20 at 4:43 am – Message by PRO286 Recovered and Reinstated by EDRO

    [Moderator] Here’s a question you must first ask yourself: “Do I love and respect the gift of life (and not just mine), intelligence, planet Earth and nature to the extent that I would do anything I can, at any cost to myself, to help protect, preserve and sustain them indefinitely?”

    We (Members of Creating A Sustainable Future, CASF) hope your answer is resoundingly affirmative!

    [RS-1] Consuming energy at the rate of 286 Watts contin[u]ously and still maintaining a comfortable life is an impossible goal.

    [Moderator] It’s entirely possible to live comfortably at lower energy profiles. While we are not advocating that everyone should or could live like the Eskimos, we would stress that the Eskimo energy footprint is lower than 286W.

    Additionally, more than 70 countries globally receive a per capita USEFUL energy level lower than 286W. Here’s a partial list: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Burundi, Cameroon, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Laos, Liberia, Madagascar, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Vietnam Zambia … Full list (source EIA 2005).

    1. Most, but not all, of these countries have warmer climates. The example of Eskimos was therefore provided as a balancing reference.
    2. A CASF Member is studying the per capita Amish energy profiles (we believe it it’s lower than 286W) and would publish the results of her research when it is completed.
    3. CASF will publish its definition of the 286W energy footprint, soon.]

    [RS-2] 286 Watts for 24 hours is roughly 6kWh of energy per day.

    [Moderator] Actually 286W is about 14.5% higher than the figure you suggested, i.e., 6.864kWh.

    [RS-3] At present prices of electricity (the most expensive form of energy) at $0.15 per kWh, this means a monthly energy cost of roughly $30. That is not enough to cover the cost of heating a small apartment in the winter located in northern climates.

    [Moderator] The atomistic individualism and the corresponding lifestyle to which you are alluding is not sustainable. Other alternatives, namely intelligent lifestyles are available (e.g., cohousing), which would reduce the per capita energy requirement significantly.

    [RS-4] It would require scraping all of our buildings and rebuild them according to the most recent “passive house” insulation levels.

    [Moderator] Not true! Only the new dwellings need be built to the low energy “passive house” or similar standards. Various methods for retrofitting older structures are available.

    [RS-5] The cost of that reconstruction in terms of energy would be astronomical.

    [Moderator] Must work with the optimal socioeconomic formula! See also the reply to [RS-4].

    [RS-6] Renewable energy systems (solar panels) require 10 to 20 years of operation in order to recover the energy spent producing these panels. The solution is to either abandon heating or at least lowering the temperature to the uncomfortable level of less than 60 degrees in the winter. This is definitely possible and we would survive such temperatures (as our grandparents did). However, it would be dishonest to claim that such a temperature level would still represent comfort.

    [Moderator] It’s true the actual standards of comfort that are implied do not coincide with what the advertising media purport them to be. Before you could condemn the statement as “dishonest,” however, you’ll have to specify the levels of comfort you regard as “standard.” Is your standard of comfort a (i) mathematical abstraction, or (ii) realistic model, and (iii) sustainable? A definition for a feasible model of comfort must rigorously conform to the criteria for sustainability and universality [be available to everyone!]

    [REM: we have reached this critical juncture in human “evolution” because our hedonistic lifestyles have turned nightmarish.]

    [RS-7] I understand why we need to drastically lower our energy consumption – there is no argument about that. However, we should be realistic about the cost of accomplishing such a goal and also about the quality of life which would be implied about such a low level of energy consumption.

    [Moderator] Global military spending reached nearly 2 trillion dollars (United States accounted for 75 percent of the total) in the last 12 months.[Source: http://www.warresisters.org/piechart.htm%5D Whereas, the global average cost of building new intelligent communities of about 1,000 inhabitants including rearranging, remodeling, restructuring and retrofitting existing towns and buildings [and providing sustainable jobs for them] is an estimated 5-10 million dollars on large scale basis.

    The world GDP (PPP), on the other hand, was $72.34trillion in 2007 (source: IMF)

    [Note: In a sustainable economy for life communities, the monetary costs are substantially reduced.]

    “On the other, other hand,” the options of living “comfortably” on a “Marsified” planet, or persuading a sizable proportion of the global population to hibernate during the colder months of the year are not yet available! 😉

  8. Spock said

    What is the “CASF Committee”. Do they have a website so I can look at what the organizations history is?

  9. terres said

    Creating a Sustainable Future (CASF), is a small volunteer organization, which comprises a diverse group of concerned individuals, environmentalists and persons knowledgeable in life sciences and other focus areas from around the world. The goal of CASF is to seed socioeconomic avalanches to save a fragment of the future for the next generations.

  10. Cpl. Cadaver said

    You want the solution to the [Edited: EDRO] energy crisis?

    You want to know how to reduce the power consumption of America’s cities?

    You want to know how to decrease the number of cars on the road by 70% or more?

    You want to know how to make America’s cities the greenest ones on the planet?

    [Link removed by Moderator: EDRO]

    If all else, my book will tell you how to survive the collapse.

  11. edro said

    Cpl. Cadaver – The link to your site was removed because of the commercial advertising.

  12. Ed said

    [Comment is withheld by Moderator: MSRB]

    Ed – read the following then get back to us.

    1. Failing Ecosystems
    2. Drying Aquifers, Sinking Cities
    3. Topsoil
    4. State of the World
    5. Stop Burning Earth

  13. mark said

    Ya dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure at least, which are the top 10-15 cities.
    ya might as well just post them

    I think Martial Law could happen first-maybe this year
    we had best stand up to it-or else..

  14. Thomast said

    Of course what has not been factored in is the forecast, after say a couple of years, from Canadian and Russian scientists, that due to the failure of the 11 year sunspot cycle, we going to have another hundred years of extreme cold. That will skew some ideas this way and some that way. This winter already colder, according to satellite date, than last. Old hoses in Japan, from the last extreme cold period, 350-250 years ago, had the exits on the upper floors, due to massive snowfalls.

  15. msrb said

    Thomast – Hope you won’t have too much snow in Holland, this year!

  16. [Breach of Editorial Policy. Comment removed: MSRB]

    Commander Z – The legacy of North American overconsumption and our huge energy footprint transcends above the traditional religious divide.

  17. Laura Knight-Jadczyk said

    According to astronomers Victor Clube and Bill Napier, we have more to worry about than just ecosystem collapse,human-enhanced environmental catastrophes, failing infrastructure, food, water and fuel shortages, infectious diseases, war, civil conflict and so on. See the following series of articles addressing some of the correlated issues:

    [Links removed by Moderator: MSRB]

  18. msrb said

    Laura – cults and comets are beyond the scope of this blog.

    Ecosystem collapse, human-enhanced environmental catastrophes, failing infrastructure, food, water and fuel shortages, infectious diseases, war, civil conflict … are

    1. “Clear and present” dangers that threaten life on this planet.
    2. They are acts of sheer human folly.
    3. It is not beyond human capability to ameliorate its fate.

    Dealing with extraterrestrial threats is presently beyond human capacity.

  19. Bob Taft said

    The monopolistic control of all energy forms will bring this civilization down, starting with the money flow, then various coarse energy flows like electricity, oil and gasoline, natural and LP gas, etc.
    When the power grid quits the cities the cities will die in days.

  20. Michael Bennett said

    The development and progress of any human race in any solar system in the Universe is a scientifically predictable process.In the same way as watching a child develop in the womb is a scientifically predictable, so it is with a humanity such as ours.There have been many human races on this very ancient planet.Usual reasons for disappearing Nuclear war – 27000 nuclear weapons at moment.Over-population , environmental degradation and maybe the odd asteroid. Finally the planet is a sort of living machine which has its own agenda.

    Excellent article on our water resources. I will forward your web site onto as many people as possible. If I could help in some way let me know.

  21. edro said

    Michael Bennett

    [MB]The development and progress of any human race in any solar system in the Universe is a scientifically predictable process. […]There have been many human races on this very ancient planet.

    [Moderator] We have no scientific means of confirming presence of “human race” in other systems, or their recurrence on planet Earth.

    [MB] Usual reasons for disappearing Nuclear war – 27000 nuclear weapons at moment.Over-population , environmental degradation and maybe the odd asteroid.

    [Moderator] Very sad indeed!

    [MB] Excellent article on our water resources. I will forward your web site onto as many people as possible. If I could help in some way let me know.

    [Moderator] Thanks for kind words. Stay tuned!

  22. Eric said

    [Sci-fi material removed by editor – FEWW] Lets slow the data and not tell anyone so we have time to prepare… That position suck because you are choosing who lives and dies by limiting it to your friends, family, those they know etc. Why not put the info up for everyone to have the chance to find, who are you to judge? Who is the gov to withhold info that is going to kill millions worldwide? Why not teach people to survive, earth homes etc.?

  23. feww said

    Eric – concerning the extraterrestrial section of your message, see my colleague’s comment @ #16.

    “Lets slow the data and not tell anyone so we have time to prepare… That position suck because”
    Not sure what you’re trying to say!

    “Why not put the info up for everyone to have the chance to find, who are you to judge?
    We have “put the info up for everyone” to see; we are not judging anyone!

    “Who is the gov to withhold info that is going to kill millions worldwide?”
    Drew a blank on this one, too!

    “Why not teach people to survive…?”
    Once the collapse starts, the odds of survival diminish.

  24. James said

    Can you inform me what cities will be collapsing, and if they are not mentioned, when? We need to know!

  25. edro said

    James – according to our model the time delay between the first wave and final collapse is a mere couple of years. In other words, once the irreversible process of collapse commences it makes little difference which side of the town or part of the world we live!

    The idea is to prevent the first wave at any cost!

  26. Lets face it, we’re facing a global crisis. Solutions are needed, and permaculture offers these. Are people prepared to revert back to basics though? Nobody wants to sacrifice, hence the next few years are going to be interesting!

  27. edro said

    Permaculture Jacques – What sacrifice?

    “hence the next few years are going to be interesting!”

    Like the ancient Chinese curse?

  28. bitteroldcoot said

    You do realize that unless you release the cities name, your methodology and the data sources you used, this list has no credibility.

    Science is predicated on the idea of any result being verifiable and repeatable. With out this ability, this is simply unsubstantiated opinion.

  29. terres said

    bitteroldcoot –

    “You do realize that unless you release the cities name, your methodology and the data sources you used, this list has no credibility.”

    More information would be released as appropriate.

    “Science is predicated on the idea of any result being verifiable and repeatable. With out this ability, this is simply unsubstantiated

    Our models use data from multiple sources, some of which are believed to be reasonably unbiased and accurate. The presentation is made simple: You need only basic math to understand.

    See following examples:

  30. TS Gordon said

    Such dream-state visionaries as we see still promoting ‘permaculture,’ your days are numbered. This was at precipice by the late 60’s. Everyone must now do an immediate return to family farming and begin to live (actually de-toxify) on raw indigeneous foods.

  31. msrb said

    TS Gordon – The Moderators don’t see any conflict of interest between returning to family farming and permaculture. In fact the ideal formula would be to practice permaculture (live within the natural boundaries of Earth’s ecosystems) on your family farm!

  32. Kerry Bindon said

    This whole ecological crisis is a wake up call to humanity. To rise up in consciousness and reclaim their birthright as free sons and daughters of man of Adam, It is time the nefarious activities of the cabalistic plutocratic goons that think they own and run the planet were drummed out of office; their dog in the manger attitude to life and their selfish and predatory activity on those they are meant to serve, requires radical treatment to rid the body politic of this tumour.

  33. msrb said

    Kerry Bindon – The moderators concur with your comment, except for the “man of Adam” remark!

  34. Mike said

    now more than ever we can see the importance of detoxing the body …

    [Commercial link removed by Moderator: MSRB]

  35. Patriot said

    [Incoherent content. Edited by Moderator: MSRB]

    Patriot – Moderators actively encourage intelligent comments!

  36. frescoe said

    [Edited by Moderator for lack of clarity: MSRB ]

    fresco – resubmit your comment in plain English. Moderators publish suitable comments.

  37. Andras said

    Interesting… but in concrete, which are those cities? why aren’t they listed?

  38. feww said

    Andras – See post for an explanation as to why specific details aren’t included.

  39. Mike said

    A bunch of cities are going to collapse and you will not even tell us which ones. With critical information like that you think you would at least put the names up. So are you one of those people who likes the idea of sustainable development or are we going to see a link on your site that redirects us to a page where you promise to tell all for just a few hundred dollars?

  40. feww said

    “… redirects us to a page where you promise to tell all for just a few hundred dollars?”


  41. m.astera said

    [Edited by Moderator: TERRES]

    See Editorial Policy!

  42. James Warburg said

    Thank goodness there are people out there like yourselves warning about the coming danger. Who will stop this travesty. What can we do?

  43. terres said

    James Warburg – “Flap your wings”

    See https://edro.wordpress.com/initial-conditions/

  44. Laurie Smith said

    BIOremediation is killing the planet….

    The use of MANipulated microbes (NANO in size and technology) used to clean our environment of oil and chemical spills and used in waste water treatment plants to clean the sludge of its toxins are killing the planet….THIS IS THE BLUNDER OF THE CENTURY….

    My husband was FORCED to work around these microbes at a waste water treatment plant inside of a chemical plant….with NO SAFETY PROCEDURES or SAFETY GEAR or SAFETY CONCERNS AT ALL….for the maintencance technicians (rotating equipment specialists) that had to work on the equipment necessary to keep these microbes alive in these open pits with huge blowers running sending a mist of microbe laden fog into the air around the plant….no wonder this area of SE Texas is a hot spot for a disease called Morgellons…..every co=worker their families and pets are sickened with Morgellons….and better yet….once infected you can now infect others….and a condom is NOT going to STOP this one….this microbes over takes your whole body….every orifice is infectious….two dedecated reserachers see the damage in our blood….so I would have to say our BLOOD SUPPLIES are in grave danger of being infected as your typical lab testing will show nothing is wrong with the blood….not until they use digital imaging and laser type light it shows itself….

    Another issue I see from being infected with Morgellons is…..our medical community has been left in the dark ages….suppressed for some reason….

    > There is a growing trend I see happening in the medical
    > community…….
    > We are living in a different world from 30 years ago…..technology
    > has
    > changed drastically……from black and white televisions to
    > televisions we
    > hang on the wall…..from god given crops to GM crops……..from
    > bulky
    > radios to Ipods……the daily practice of weather modification
    > programs
    > littering our atmosphere and the use of manipulated microbes to
    > clean our
    > environment……..WOW quite an accomplishment…..I see a growing
    > trend
    > that the medical community is being left behind in all this
    > madness…..
    > The medical community is living under conditions that worked 30 years
    > ago…..before all the big technology advances…….look at all
    > the NEW
    > chronic diseases since technolgy abounded……diseases that were once
    > considered RARE are now in epidemic proportions…….for some
    > reason the
    > miedical community isn’t advancing into the NEW medical science
    > that is
    > needed today…….
    > It has been the work of a handfull of scientists that choose to think
    > outside the box…..facing ridicule from their peers in doing so
    > and only to
    > find out that we are in a very grave situation……yet, these same
    > medical
    > researchers…..these doctors…..and our nurses now infected with
    > Morgellons were once praised for the detailed work they did in our
    > ICU wards
    > in hospitals across America are now called CRAZY by those doctors that
    > continue to live under technology that worked 30 years ago……
    > The medical community is failing……who is stalling their
    > progess…..is
    > this done on purpose???……..allowing this arrogance to continue
    > is why we
    > are failing…..I don’t know how these doctors sleep at night..

    This BIOremediaiton is all part of WHY….

    Our BEES are dying
    Our deer, elk and moose herds are dying from some sort of wasting disease
    E Coli never existed until the use of BIOremediaiton now it infects our beaches to crops
    Toxic Algae is overtaking our waterways
    Flesh Eating Bacteria are overtaking our waterways
    Red Tides overtaking our oceans
    Coral Reefs are dying
    Fish populations are dying

    What they created is the perfect weapon…for as far as I am concerned BIOredmediaiton and BIOwarfare are the same technology….as a matter of fact this keeps our labs open in a legal way….this is the BIGGEST ATTROSCITY done to MANKIND….we are in a very GRAVE situation from the hands of mad scientists I like to call FRANKENSCIENTISTS and millions have been pouted into this type of science….and in fact KILLING THE PLANET with their madness…..

    WAKE UP people these so called experts have hidden agendas….and I didn’t even mention and should have the weather modification programs that happen on a daily basis….I believe that our mass flooding and extreme weather (high winds and violent storms) are being caused by MAN and his WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRMS that the US claims they want to OWN THE WEATHER by 2025 and just how can they STATE that our GM CROPS will not contaminate our GOD GIVEN crops during all this exteme weather of high winds and severe flooding….THEY CAN”T the damages from GM CROPS goes much deeper than our decresing health because of them….

    WHAT A MESS the so called experts have done to us….we should be angry as @#$%$% about the whole mess….when will the revolution begin…..OR….IS IT TOO LATE anyway and the mass damages have been done….I believe it is the DAMAGES have already been done from ignorance….

  45. Robert Murray said

    More proof can be found here:

    [Misleading content. Links were removed by Moderator. TERRES]

    [Caution: EDRO does NOT endorse third-party links. They are published for reference only. The exception applies when the Moderators find the content to be misleading.]

  46. dc said

    from an old farmers view I find the social and ecological situation beyond repair or survival. When the movie Mad Max came out it wasn’t fiction, it was George Miller warning us. We didn’t listen, Sixty some odd years later it’s easy to look at Orwell, Miller and countless others as visionaries but the handful that recognized it then weren’t able to stop it while we had a chance. We don’t have that chance now. In our greed for the easy way humanity has broken the back of nature with science. Bye bye,

  47. gotnoscript said

    Edited by Moderator: TERRES]

    See Editorial policy!

  48. Thank you for this site. My name is Dave Maxie and I’m the son of a former US train enginer in Alaska, who then was also an officer under General Patten in WW2. May I say that in these days it is very needed to be in a clean and world but it isn’t. We have elitests in this world who have only few things on their minds. Money, greed, power. It is so amazing just how filthy these people are when it comes to money, greed and power. And especially in America. When my father was an engineer in Alaska during the earthquake of 64, in Seward, everything was picked up off the tracks. What was left??? The oil cars. And its polluting the bays off the coasts of Alaska along with tourists boats that flush their raw sewage along the Alaskan coasts in the panhandle. And I wouldn’t doubt one bit the EPA in this country is baught and paid-for to shut up about what is going on. Folks? We have black bears eating garbage piles in small rural towns. Amazing heh? Something has to be done to talk to our National leaders about quite a few things or else nature will take it course and bite us where we will not appreciate it! Something has to be done! Thank you for reading my 2 cents worth. [email link removed to prevent abuse.]

  49. James said

    [Edited by Moderator. TERRES]

    James, you lead we follow!

  50. Ed said

    [Misleading and inappropriate content. Edited by Moderator: TERRES]

  51. Ed Wood said

    Australia is not spelled Astralia

  52. feww said

    Ed Wood – Corrected!

  53. A said

    you forgot the F-5 Tornado that Hit Greensburg, KS On May 4, 2007. and the F-5 that decimated Oklahoma City, OK in 1999.

  54. feww said

    A, thanks for your input. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita also serve as a vivid and compelling reminder of of how vulnerable our population centers really are.

    Tsunamis, hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones, extreme rainfall events … are covered under the rubric of “Human-enhanced natural catastrophes.”

    Best wishes to the good folks in your part of the world.

  55. dave said

    When is a factor unknown? What is known is that the modern lifestyle especially in the west is unsustainable.
    It is without a doubt a very poorly run society in the west.
    waste is everywhere excess is everywhere the means to accomplish those manifestations of gluttony and greed are no where.Living on borrowed money and borrowed time.
    but I submit the crash is already been here for awhile.
    Cleveland 70% of houses vacant the place looks like a bombed out city, Detroit as well. these 2 cities have already decayed past the collapse , many others will follow.People will adapt or succumb to the brutality they will find around them.

  56. anon said

    [Uninformed/misleading. Edited by Moderator: EDRO]


  57. edro said

    Anon – Based on the “Line-Drawing” fallacy, the failing ecosystems must also have a non-anthropogenic origin (!) possibly due to lunar activity (?) since the cause of climate change and reason for collapsing ecosystems are wholly interlinked. See: https://edro.wordpress.com/failing-ecosystems/

    Those folks you mentioned need to do some serious unlearning and relearning concerning the climate change. Here’s a list of relevant material for starters: Increasing destructiveness of tropical cyclones over the past 30 years

    Global Warming (History of discovery)
    Global warming
    What’s Global Warming?
    The EdGCM Project
    NASA Daily global temperatures
    How Did Humans First Alter Global Climate?
    Tipping Point
    Latest Global Warming reports – U.S. EPA
    UN Climate Panel Report’s Key Findings
    Earth’s Annual Global Mean Energy Budget
    Science and Technology Sources on the Internet
    IPS Inter Press Service
    Portal to the UN System’s Work on Climate Change
    Positive feedback between global warming and atmospheric CO2 concentration inferred from past climate change
    Osmium isotope evidence for the regulation of atmospheric CO2 by continental weathering
    Global Merged Land–Air–Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction
    Understanding and Attributing Climate Change
    Joint science academies’ statement on growth and responsibility: sustainability, energy efficiency and climate protection
    Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
    Changes in Atmospheric Constituents and in Radiative Forcing
    IPCC WG1 AR4 Report — Chapter 1: Historical Overview of Climate Change Science
    An Assessment of Climate Feedbacks in Coupled Ocean–Atmosphere Models
    Studying ocean acidification with conservative, stable numerical schemes for nonequilibrium air-ocean exchange and ocean equilibrium chemistry
    Climate change hastens population extinctions
    Extinction risk from climate change
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    Nature Reports Climate Change
    The UK Met Office Hadley Centre site
    NOAA’s Global Warming FAQ
    Outgoing Longwave Radiation pentad mean
    NOAA Climate Prediction Center
    EU portal about global warming

  58. edisonoside said

    BALANCE….We must learn Balance..Like nature, We must learn balance or face an unbalanced world full of chaos..Man does artificial…difficult for man to be natural…That is his down fall…Nature flows and easily gives us Night & Day…If Man had the means to do night and day Man would fail at it…ex: Lawsuits case it was too dark. ex: More daylight because daylight is safer thus causing an imbalance…catch my drift? Man is structured to be unbalanced…Man is a failure and will deal with a natural fate.

  59. bessie said

    thank “the sacred golden cow”, the sooner you darn human beings die off the better for us(cows)…did you see the video footage of what you evil doers do to my relatives? jabbing,stabbing electrical shocks,fork lifts-what the f@#k!
    humans please work on killing each other off as quikly as possible,sorry you suck and ruin everything.

  60. edro said

    Sorry Bessie!
    If it makes you feel any better, though you can’t possibly be as wicked as your abusers, the following is identified as a major cause of collapse:
    Inordinate prevalence of psychopathology caused by exponential growth economy: money fetishism, industrialism, militarism, atomistic lifestyles, consumerism, throwaway culture, dysfunctional societies …
    [In other words, your abusers doing to each other what they did to you on a similarly large scale!]

    Reference: California slaughterhouse animal-abuse investigation
    USDA Orders Massive Beef Recall

  61. gotnoscript said

    I enjoy this. I’m a climate researcher and everyone of my comments have been censored. Chow. (rhealy@whoi.edu)



  62. gotnoscript said

    Or Ciao. I’m not a great speller…

  63. edro said

    Rick – Please reply to the email sent to the address you provided.

  64. GaborZol said

    I am glad you have the general ideas and the general data up. The supporting information is thorough, scientific, scary, and put well. I don’t appreciate however (I know it is none of my business, I have no power over the site), your tendency of withholding key information. Not only the lack of the actual list of cities to collapse (I read your disclaimer, and by the time your data will have no chance to be misused, the collapse will have happened), but also the general editing/censoring of most of the comments above. That makes reading them much more confusing, and I started to have this creepy feeling, that why make a note, mine will be ‘edited out’ as well, unless I only appreciate the info you are presenting. Sad state of the world that a scientifically oriented group needs to be so controlling. Not only for the group, but a statement on us ‘commentors’ also…

  65. edro said

    Rick – your comment?

  66. Dear Readers,
    Human beings are clearly parasites on this planet and as such are in the process of being removed by this planet, hopefully before we terminally destroy it for all other earthly lifeforms whom we have been exploited, abused and endangered.

    Your selfish greed, inconsideration, manipulation and abuse of each other on a global basis by governments, and also individually by almost everyone who has craved and gained ‘power’ has contributed to this wanten destruction, plunder and misuse of our benevolent planets available resources. These actions now condemn us all to oblivion, and a damn good job too. Roll on the Oblivion Express!

    I just hope I can hang on long enough to watch most of you bastards die before me – then I will die happy. However, I feel so sorry for your children who will die with you. They deserved a better example from you. Your kids will bear the wrath of your selfish inhumanity. Then again, most of you have too many kids and have partially caused the problem.

    I sincerely hope you all rot in hell, See you there… Peter.

  67. feww said

    Peter Williams – We would like to think Earth [nature] will protect its most intelligent (we make no claim!) against the “dinosaurs,” aka the Freudian HIVE Predators. See:
    Stop Burning Earth http://msrb.wordpress.com/stop-burning-earth/
    Energy Dinosaurs https://edro.wordpress.com/energy-dinosaurs/

    [It will probably be known a few million years from now what species were the intelligent ones! Dragonflies? Mosquitoes? Cockroaches? …]

  68. feww said

    Dear Prof X – We beg to differ! [No hard feelings.] See below for the most recent incident of Human-induced ‘natural’ catastrophe cited as a cause of collapse:

    Mining Sets Off Earthquake in Germany

    And a new report:
    Human-caused climate change has altered river flows, snow pack and air temperatures.


    [Update: Feb 25, 2008 – FEWW]

  69. Gary W said

    Some entertaining comments, and sensible moderation here.

    All these people fretting about “which cities?” miss the point completely. In time, possibly not much time, it will be most if not ALL cities in collapse.
    People concerned about their own situation need only look around them to see how their home base rates in the “collapse dynamics” stakes.

    I don’t see much political will or community push to address the cavalcade of horrors listed here. That’s the psychology of previous investment, commonly known as “business as usual”. I’m of an age that I might be considered one of the perpetrators, but at least, at this point, I’m undertaking to repair some of the damage by arranging a family farming environment referred to above.

    Best of luck to you city dwellers!

  70. Congratulations on your comprehensive synthesis of such a wealth of information, which transcends many branches of science!

    Seems to me that much of what is in the hopper has been in there a long time. Certainly what this means is even if we were able to turn back now our momentum is so great there’s little possibility of staving off some sort of triggering event.

    I suppose the most eco-friendly trigger would be economic, as opposed to accidental global nuclear holocaust or something of the sort. For example the dollar would tank and within days civilization would thrash about in its death throes but maybe no nukes would be launched and maybe no giant messes would be made, if the collapse was fast enough.

    I would also like to point out here that the farmer or survivalist who thinks that they’ll somehow persevere through or evade the collapse of the cities is absolutely wrong. Air pollution for a burning Los Angeles could forever taint your water, eliminate your pollinators, and thrust you into a kill or be killed scenario vis a vis refugees.

    I’m of the opinion that the only chance for survival is our so-called leaders taking these threats seriously and talking turkey immediately. One has to wonder what percentage is of the idea that when the feces hits the AC unit, they’ll just move their families underground, to some gubbermint bunker, like they did on 9/11, when a “shadow gubbermint” of strictly Republicans was spirited away to Mount Weather to practic C.O.G. plans for these exact eventualities.

    Evidence mounts that some within our gubbermint have been planning for this. They’re powerful, entrenched, and play propaganda like Ray Charles played the piano.

    I guess the consequence of this is they’ll have to live with themselves when it’s all said and done. I mean who in their right mind would want to be locked into a bunker with these PNAC goons? They can have the future they’ve created. And if they wake up and realize the implications of planning for this future anytime soon it’s likely too little too late.

    I guess the deal is to pray for economic collapse that happens super fast so the ecological damage from the collapse is perhaps minimal and the survivors can start to rebuild soon, as in within a half decade or so.

  71. feww said

    Hello George — Here’s a view on the farmer/survivalist issue you might find interesting.
    Our follow on to Collapsing Cities is under construction! https://edro.wordpress.com/nuking-earth/

  72. But are you all under the impression that economic collapse is the most eco-friendly trigger for the sort of civilization collapse and radical depopulation event that is now largely inevitable?

    It’s all fine and good to talk about war as that trigger but war is a function of economy, an economic flywheel by which a debtor nation destroys its creditors (ie the USG destroys the middle class. If we have economic collapse the men who are supposed to report to the front lines, bases and bunkers won’t be able to get gas to drive there, won’t be able to circumvent the rioting in the streets, and won’t be compelled to leave their scared-to-death wives and children. Thus the war is sidelined until the chaos ends, if it ever does.

    If managed, and this is key, if carefully managed, an economic collapse would bring about the sort of depopulation event the elites desire and have planned for (see Kissinger and the Club of Rome), while doing minimal damage to the Earth of all such sorts of collapse.

    My take is that a swift crash of the economy, starting and reaching total systemic failure within a week, would reduce the world population substantially within a month. I think the U.S. has an 11 day supply of grain and most major urban centers have maybe 48 hours worth of food so riots, fires and starvation would ensue within a day. At that time the elites move underground, which they’ve practiced doing over and over. Then after almost everyone is dead they come back up and use their private armies to retake the cities and countryside and then maybe we’ll see Reagan’s world-unifying, and likely staged, “war of the worlds,” which will enable some sort of one world gubbermint system of which Bush 51 spoke, as have many others.

    I know I’m speaking in hypothetics here but perhaps you could reveal your stance on the theory that global economic collapse would be the most eco-friendly depopulation-triggering event. Please. 🙂

  73. edro said

    [George Hayduke] “if carefully managed, an economic collapse would bring about the sort of depopulation event the elites desire and have planned for (see Kissinger and the Club of Rome), while doing minimal damage to the Earth of all such sorts of collapse.”
    [EDRO] Perhaps 99.9 percent of humanity’s problems stem from the fact that the “elite” have never shown any concern about the Environment Holocaust caused by their exponential growth economy. Therefore, “doing minimal damage to the Earth” won’t be a prime consideration.

    [George Hayduke] “a swift crash of the economy, starting and reaching total systemic failure within a week.”
    [EDRO] Total systemic collapse would take a lot longer than one week!

    [George Hayduke] “would reduce the world population substantially within a month”
    [EDRO] Historically, humans have proven far more resilient in the worst of adverse conditions.

    [George Hayduke] “they come back up and use their private armies to retake the cities and countryside”
    [EDRO] If the local resistance to the Iraqi occupation is anything to go by, you’ll find the armies you are referring to somewhat less effective.

    Imagine the elite in country A depopulating their cities, while their counterparts in country B (C and D) failing to deliver their part of the bargain!

  74. Outstanding points my good man. I stand corrected.

    What’s your take on “Global Warming?” A misnomer? Should it be called “radical weather proliferation?” I’ve always laughed at the idea of humans predicting climate change. We can’t predict the weather from day to day, much less elongated global weather patterns.

    Then there’s the argument that the military has been controlling or attempting to control the weather for quite some time.

    And another thing, you have to understand how intriguing I find it that you’re predicting the first waves of city collapses to occur on, around, or just before 2012. You understand of course that that just spikes the punch you’re peddling, of course.

  75. Hey, here’s one for your archives: NOAA says oceanic deserts are expanding.


  76. terres said

    Hey, check out the links on this page:
    here’s another one about the oceans

  77. terres said

    The issue is one of “ill-formed preconceptions.” The moderators refer to “global warming” as “[abrupt] climate change.” The impact of abrupt climate change reduces the already strained carrying capacity.
    Global weather-related catastrophes are exponentially increasing. “The number of people affected by disasters has risen by 68 percent, from an average of 174 million a year between 1985 to 1994 to 254 million a year [4% of world population.]” And this is only the beginning:
    See: http://msrb.wordpress.com/2007/11/27/500-weather-related-disasters-a-year/
    http://tinyurl.com/3x7qd6 [If this link is hacked again, use long URL below]

    Also check out the links under “Early Warning Signs” at
    BTW, and “speaking in hypothetics,” as you put it, would it have made any difference if our EDRO were a super great granny of three adorable kids?
    On the same note, city collapses occur because of a large number of dynamics. The ones to do with resource scarcity are fast approaching their critical limits. Check out the wild facts:

    OTOH, why not sit back and think of it all as a military conspiracy?

  78. Why not? The U.S. military-industry complex is the biggest, most advanced, most intelligence-laden corporate-gubbermint fused conglomeration on the planet. Certainly if you can piece together the severity of the species’ situation, then the military has done the same, probably better and on a bigger scale, and did such a long, long time ago.

    Unfortunately for seeing the military as the brainchild of the complex, we have too many quotes from oligarchs, plutocrats and their technocrats that suggest an open conspiracy. Kissinger telling the Club of Rome that there are too many people, that if we can reduce the world’s population by 70%, which, in his words, will have to be done by increasing the death rate, and he specifically mentions war here, he says they will get “the world they’ve always wanted.”

    Kissinger has also referred to the military as being populated by “dumb … brutes” suitable only for dying and taking orders.

    Of course the human species needs no conspiracy to land us in the extinct-house. Populations wax and wane. Without some sort of population reduction effort by the elites, we’d probably still wipe ourselves out. There’s no doubt about that in my mind. So I’m not exactly saying the impending civilization-ending collapse is solely the result of a giant conspiracy. It’s not. But some folks are prepared to use it as an opportunity. They’ve seen it coming and they like what they see and they’ll help things along if they can. Is there any other explanation for the Bush family crime syndicate purchasing a 100,000 acre farm in Paraguay, land touching that country’s biggest aquifers.

    Hopi Prophecy says we’re headed for a new Ice Age. Some geologists say we’re headed for a pole shift. And we’ll be lucky if we don’t enter nuclear war while this is all going down. Weather patterns tend to stay in the hemisphere in which they originate. Ergo: Paraguay.

    To be in charge and to make plans for this reality, plans like buying up land in the Southern Hemisphere, without fully informing the public about the prospects and liklihood of this reality is criminal and if it’s an organized criminal activity, it’s a conspiracy.

    Apologies to anyone who took offense when I referred to some cybersomeone as “my good man.”

    Gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic station, all mean little to me.

  79. feww said

    The following reply was submitted by a CASF member.

    “The U.S. military-industry complex is the biggest, most advanced…”

    The banking-nuclear-military-industrial complex is no longer sharply definable; it’s mostly owned, fully controlled and operated by the same cabal whose constituent members have major stakes in the global financial sector.

    “So I’m not exactly saying the impending civilization-ending collapse is solely the result of a giant conspiracy.”

    Well, it is and it isn’t! It depends on the definition of conspiracy. A brief definition of conspiracy reads: “A secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful and illegal.” Does the group of people who control the world’s money supply operate openly, or secretly?

    Is the perpetuation of exponential growth economy, which is tantamount to a full-scale war against nature (the natural limits to Earth’s finite resources are well known and adverse effects of local and global impacts of the economy are palpable,) harmful to the planet and therefore to humanity?

    But is the working of the economy also illegal? You’ll find in most cases the system operates illegally, however, the breeches are simply denied, overlooked, or ignored. There is the big conspiracy, but it’s not a military plot per se! The executive, military, judiciary, media, church, academia … [they all play secondary roles] serve to legitimize the [lethal] discourse because their perceived interests depend on the status quo—
    (i) they fancy their chances as being an indispensable part of the selected elite, but when that illusion shatters, every now and then, (ii) they’d just go along with the game to save their lucrative jobs and skins.

    “Is there any other explanation for the Bush family crime syndicate purchasing a 100,000 acre farm in Paraguay, land touching that country’s biggest aquifers.”

    We have indicated that the world is running out of precious natural resources including freshwater, topsoil, cropland, forests, wild food… FYI, the lion’s share of discharge from the Guaraní Aquifer, which borders within the four Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) goes to Brazil. Most of Paraguay’s Guarani catchment area serves as recharge basin for the aquifer, rather than as discharge source.

    Hope this is helpful.

  80. Yes. Very helpful. Thank you.

  81. Allen Wood said

    [Comment edited: FEWW]

    EDRO moderators invite intelligent comments!

  82. Allen Wood said

    Edited by Moderator: TERRES

    Please see our editorial policy!

  83. bill said

    this never should have been so vivid this could be very harmful to the thoughts of unstable people reading this is both sickening and scary this could be the end of humanity. this article will never leave me and something I won’t be able to forget

  84. Greyzone said

    Correct me if I am wrong but your total population affected is the population of the cities collapsing without regard to secondary effects? If so, the actual impacts will be much wider as the loss of cities will constitute the loss of markets leading to further multiple financial crises outside the cities. These crises, coupled with ongoing ecological crises, appear to be a prescription for a positive feedback loop that may not be stoppable.

    Has CASF or any of its members considered alternative action to trying to stop the collapse if stopping it turns out to be impossible?

  85. edro said

    Submitted on 2008/05/21 at 12:15 am – Message by PRO 286 Recovered and Reinstated by EDRO

    The picture presented is a medium-term exposure snapshot of events [consider a 3- to 6-month period] during the first phase of the collapse. About 90 percent of the affected populations are from the collapsing cities.

    In the “second phase” buildup, “failing ecosystems, human-enhanced environmental catastrophes; failing infrastructure; food, water and fuel shortages; infectious disease; war, civil conflict [among] other dynamics”, create a downward spiral [“positive feedback loops”] with cataclysmic consequence for humans.

    Has CASF or any of its members considered alternative action to trying to stop the collapse if stopping it turns out to be impossible?

    CASF members and supporters continue to write to the world leaders and influential figures, and post the relevant information at various blogs and forums. The members unanimously agree that without a comprehensive change, a revolution if you like, in the economic system, the collapse cannot be mitigated, let alone avoided.

    Affecting a massive change in the economic system, however, is as Herculean a task as is avoiding human extinction. In fact, the two tasks are mutually inclusive. Our economic system is playing a zero-sum game with nature at the expense of human survival.

  86. Yves said

    I am a french reader of your site, and I would like to know if maps of the collapsing cities (in the future) are available.
    Thank you,


  87. terres said

    Hello Yves – Welcome to our blog. We have decided not to reveal specific details of the first wave of collapsing cities to prevent abuse of information and the added turmoil that could lead to a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Imagine the social disorder if, for example, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, or Toulouse were rumored to be collapsing amid some [otherwise insufficient] evidence.

    Please also see Comment # 24 above.

    Best wishes

  88. Elliott said

    [Edited by Moderator: FEWW]

    See editorial policy!

  89. I just encountered this site for the first time today.

    I am very intersted in looking closely at specific cities that are most vulnerable to collapse. I grew up in Southern NV (LAs Vegas). When I first moved to Vegas in the early 60’s there were less than 50,000 people in the valley. I moved away in the 70’s and decided to move back in 1995. The town then had just climbed above 1,000,000 then and was growing at a rate of 6,000 new residents a month. Everyone had pools and construction was everywhere at once. Now with population nearing 2,000,000 the Club of rome limits to growth are evident. The aquifieer is gone and Lake Mead is a shadow of it’s former self. Last summer they had to shut down Hoover Dam for a couple of days because the water levels were critically low. The economy is a zero sum economy and is highly dependent on tourist travel specifically from So CA which is in an economic meltdown of another order. Currently the foreclosure capital of the world Las Vegas is the Titantic and it has struck the iceberg yet a large contingent of the population is in denial.

    I believe that Las Vegas will be the first major city in the U.S. to collapse. (see http://www.lasvegasthecollapse.com ) Being a Vegas watcher is akin to watching a slow motion train wreck. It’s horrible to see but you can’t take your eyes off it! I still have family and friends there as well as property that I still own so this is painful for me.

  90. edro said

    Joe – Las Vegas exemplifies the worst of humanoids assault on nature. Las Vegas, as you have correctly implied, is one of the least sustainable cities in America, possibly the world, and it’s certainly very high on our list of collapsing cities.

    Humanoids unreasonable demands on nature have multiplied, their hubris fatally inflated, but their dependence on the basic elements will always be the same. Without clean air, freshwater, fertile soil and a healthy atmosphere to provide protection against warming as well as harmful radiations, the mighty ones have less chances of survival than polar bears on melting Arctic ice!

    Will the demise of Los Vegas be as violent as its inception, or will it collapse with a whimper? There are cases to be made against both scenarios.

    That said, there’s certainly a strong possibility that Los Vegas could be the first major city in the U-S to experience a major, or complete collapse; however, we have a number of other candidates on our list, too.

    Let’s hope the last person to leave Las Vegas would switch off the lights!

    Stay tuned.

  91. Alan said

    [Unsuitable content. Edited by Moderator: FEWW]

  92. Alan said

    “[Misleading and inappropriate content. Edited by Moderator: TERRES]”

    [Unsuitable content. Edited by Moderator: FEWW]

  93. feww said

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  94. mrsglln said

    [Unrelated/commercial content. Edited by Moderator: FEWW]

  95. george rock said

    [Comment withheld by moderator: FEWW]

    George, if you have any scientific evidence to back your statement, the moderators will review. Otherwise, there’s no place for disinformation on this blog.

    See Editorial Policy!

  96. Boris said

    [Boorish comment. Edited: TERRES]

    [Our readers don’t appreciate your sense of “humor.” Try the ouija board woman who communicates with aliens, you might get lucky! TERRES]

  97. Cherry 2000 said

    Of all of the possible causes, I find “Mass suicide”, “Mass Corporate Homicide” (Blackwater anyone?), and “Loss of Will to Live”, least likely. In fact, they don’t seem very likely at all (is there more information pertaining to this?). If anything, they might occur after a city, or society-wide collapse had already initiated and/or was coupled with other mitigating factors (impending natural disasters,[edited] for instance!).

    What about peak oil and other finite energy resources necessary to the livelihood of the city (I see “fuel shortage” and “excessive energy consumption”)?

    All in all, the list sounds like a damning report on civilization to me. A return to simplicity and more localized economies is surely in our future.

  98. Jack Sparrow said

    About mass homicide: just recently read an article that at a French company 32 employees comitted suicide in just one year. The last one did it last week, a manager just jumped through the window… Couldn’t handle the pressure he was under… It only made news, because the French government finally took it seriously and asked the company to implement changes to prevent further suicides. Also, a woman in my country (European Union country) just recently starved to hunger while she was working for a multinational company, because after paying the rent and high bills, and other expenses, she had no money for food, and she waited too long for the next paycheck. We are already going down, I had a dream last summer about the end of the world, since than I am sure that it will happen soon.

    • edro said

      The French Telecom suicides were very sad, but NOT unexpected. Competition leads to massive waste of resources, including human lives. Other than the interests of a few that guard the diabolic narrative that keeps the blind, flesh-eating monster of capitalism alive, there’s little reason for competition, inequality and the madness that’s consuming the world.

  99. Joel said

    Hello, I’m from Sweden. So my english isn’t very good so I don’t understand everything of this text. But does it means that many of the biggest cities in world will like… die? :S And around 8% of all people on earth will die? :S

    • edro said

      Hi Joel – when a city or population center collapses, it becomes unsuitable for human habitation. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that many people will die immediately as a result of the collapse, unless of course the collapse was caused by a large nuclear explosion, deadly epidemic, tsunami, mega-earthquake and so on.

      In the First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities (FWWCC), most of the people from collapsed cities move on to other cities/population centers …

      We could prevent a lot of unnecessary deaths by reducing global energy consumption to about 60 exajoules (~11 percent of the current consumption levels).

      Humans are swapping their lives for lifestyles. Nature deselects deranged animals.

      Best wishes — EDRO for Moderators

  100. 1900 said

    [Harmful content removed. Moderator]

  101. esf said

    Nice post, great looking blog, added it to my favs.

  102. Borodog said

    “Paris, Marseille, Lyon, or Toulouse were rumored to be collapsing”

    Is this a hint? Because I have family in Lyon and I’d like to give them a head’s up before they lose their will to live in the initial wave.

  103. J.O. said

  104. Johnny B. said

    You folks got some lose bolts in your heads. Don’t you know that everything is under God’s control and nothing will happen unless He says so? He created the Universe and gave it to us to enjoy. Read the Bible and you’ll see that the end of days is not know by anybody, except God Himself and whatever you folks are saying is hogwash.
    P.S. If you don’t believe in the Bible as being inspired by God Almighty, think about this scenario: You have a book that many want to destroy and a book that people died for, yet they were not able to do anything about it but look like fools they are and the Book is spread out in the world like no other book and read my most people. My question is, if this Book ain’t the word of God, how could it survive the prosecution and all, how could it be around the world and people reading It and enjoying it? You folks don’t believe that everything is created by God, you believe in science and all that and you don’t believe that there is God, but what if there IS God? What then? I say there is God Almighty and He controls everything. If you read my testimony and still don’t do your best to reach God, believe in Him and accept Jesus as your savior, this testimony will condemned you on judgment day.

    • feww said

      Moderators’ initial reaction was to disallow the unintelligent remarks.

      However, judging by the string of fallacies you have concocted together, it was decided that your post goes beyond simplistic bible-thumping.

      It’s more likely that your intentions were to sit back and let someone else discredit the bible for you.

      There’s a tribute to you, however, whether you’re a Robertsonite, or one of his handlers at:


      For anyone else who might be remotely persuaded by the egregiously fallacious argument submitted by Johnny B., consider this:

      Money, the Mammon’s Holy Book, was there before various, mostly contradictory versions of bible were invented.

      Only “God Almighty” knows how many people have tried to destroy Mammon’s book, and how many have died for.

      “[Our] question is, if [money] ain’t the word of [Mammon,] how could it survive the prosecution and all, how could it be around the world and people [using] It and enjoying it?”

  105. Wayne said

    It is not just the disaster in Haiti that is currently happening but the whole system is decaying. Along side is the fact that our air has depleted so much oxygen that birds that live on insects are already in decline.
    We should see the Earth as a living being and it will be quite normal for it to help itself. The elements of the earth will be the remedy it uses and flooding fires storms will increase a lot each year.
    The cities that are built like tall building blocks and rise many stories into the air will by its own nature come crumbling down. Cities have become like cancer to the earth. They grow with a sprawl of poverty all around them while the rich live sumptuously off their wages. What a shame!

  106. Kate said

  107. albert said

  108. Gladier said

    This site is very informative. I have followed things of this nature to the best of my abilities and enjoyed reading others comments and views on the topic. It gives me a greater scope on what others in the world think and know. However i agree that releasing the exact cities that will be among the first to collapse would be a folly. I would like to know but such information would most likely cause panic. I agree that Las Vegas would be among the first to go down.Thank you for giving us what information you have and i look forward to more.


  109. Cristina said

    Oh, what can we do? do this? do that? sunstainable bla bla?
    I have a complex solution:
    massive population control!
    dont need to be a genious to figure out that 6 billion people consuming the earth’s resources and returning it in form of waste and polution is 12x more devastating then it would be if there were 500 million in people in the world, as it should be…MAX. You all blame government, society habits, poor education, wars? I’ll tell you who to blame, blame MEDICINE. That thing shouldn’t exist. It completly destroys the nature’s system of population control. If you we’re born with bad eyesight in the wild? TOO BAD, YOU’RE FOOD! If you are born with hardly any brain function in human world? Ok sweety, we’ll just put you in a wheel chair and feed you through tubes and keep you alive until old age gets the best of you! Or not! Because medicine is currently working on a way to make us immortal, yay!

    If people don’t die, then people shouln’t be born. My view.

  110. Cristina said

    My problem is people.
    I find myself “secretly” hoping for cities to collapse in fact
    But I don’t think any of us will live to see it.

  111. RBOR said

    [You’re entitled to your opinion and have your own blog to freely express them. This blog does NOT encourage brainwash, religious or otherwise. Moderator]

  112. Vin said

    [Intelligent comments are normally published unedited. Moderator]

  113. RC said

  114. Scott said

    [Comment removed as requested. Moderator]

  115. Jerry said

    • edro said

      Jerry — The dynamics of collapse are analogous to characteristics of cancer (malignant neoplasm).
      1. It has uncontrolled growth
      2. Invades and destroys adjacent cities
      3. “Metastasis” of collapse moves from one region to [many] others.

  116. Malcolm Reynolds said

    Well, it’s 2012…

    [And the collapse has already started… Moderator]

  117. Lloyd said

    Hello, I want to subscribe for this website to take latest updates, thus where can i do it please help out.

    • edro said

      Click the ‘Sign me up!’ button located in the left hand margin on the homepage and follow the instructions. If WP hasn’t hacked the function for this blog, you should be able to subscribe.

  118. R.L. THOMAS said

    i knew long ago,…use to say, the future is my past…perhaps if my past is changed, all of ours can change, voice of truth, jesus christ &… THOMAS R L

  119. Kate said

    Just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  120. JA said

    this is a great blog; a fantastic read.

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